What Do Red Lights On My Ring Doorbell Mean?

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 09:06 am

The Ring Video Doorbell was among the first Smart Doorbells to hit the market. The doorbell has access to the internet and links to a smartphone app that shows live video footage of the porch. The Ring Doorbell provides another level of security to your smart home by allowing for superior video surveillance.

For video recording, the device uses its infrared camera, which activates when a visitor presses the doorbell button or the device detects any motion in the field of vision using its built-in Motion Sensors.

A ring doorbell is a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution with fewer chances of misinterpretation for a security guard. In addition, the device is simple to set up and use. 

Smart doorbells have become one of the most important smart home components since they are a low-cost, life-saving technology. The device contains a variety of features and functionalities.

Ring Doorbell’s Features

The image quality of the HD camera: The high-quality camera allows you to instantly identify your guests and greet them warmly, even from a distance. If it’s dark outside, don’t worry; the night vision has you covered.

Ring App: The brand offers a free app that alerts you whenever someone knocks on your door. You’ll also know if someone is intruding on your property.

Impact Sensors: A good old knock will wake up the doorbell because the peephole cam is equipped with impact sensing devices that tap on the door.

Two-way audio: With this feature, you can converse with people through the doorbell utilizing the microphone, making you feel like you’re always at home. The noise-canceling feature is also included. “With Ring, You’re Always Home,” they say, and they are correct.

Customizable Privacy Settings: Set the privacy zone on the Ring App to ensure that your neighbor’s door remains private. 

Motion Detectors: Without your knowledge, anyone wandering about your property will be caught by the motion sensors. The doorbell has a 155-degree horizontal field of view and a 90-degree vertical field of view.

Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Red?

Light cues are used by the Ring Doorbell system to highlight possible problems or to deliver a message.

At night, the Ring video doorbell pro looks like this. The three red spots are infrared lights for night vision, while the ring is the LED around the switch.

The ring doorbells, just like any electronic gadget, are powered by a rechargeable or removable battery. The doorbell’s ring is flashing red, indicating a low battery.

Allow the light to change to sparkling green after plugging in the charger that came with the product. With frequent use, the doorbell will run for months once completely charged. Here’s how to charge the smart doorbell step by step;

  • You can lift the doorbell’s faceplate by releasing the screw at the device’s base. 
  • The battery must now be removed from the device. Disconnect the battery from the slot by pressing the release button.
  • Connect the battery’s charging port to a micro-USB charger. 
  • When the light on the doorbell starts blinking green, you know it’s fully charged. Replace the battery in the gadget.
  • Put the faceplate to the doorbell’s original position and fasten it with the screw after a few seconds. 
  • The doorbell on your ring is ready to ring.

The battery indication is the red circular ring, not the three red dots on the gadget.

3 Red Dots on Ring Doorbell

There’s no need to become concerned. The most common red lights you will see on your devices are three red dots. When the gadget is switched to Night Vision mode, three red dots show on the doorbell. When these red lights illuminate, the doorbell utilizes an infrared sensor, and the camera begins recording in low light once it detects movement.

How to turn off red lights in a ring?

Follow these steps to switch on or off the IR night vision feature:

  • Open the Ring app on your phone. 
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, tap the three lines. 
  • Tap Devices. 
  • Choose the device you want to change. 
  • Select Device Settings from the menu. 
  • Select Light Settings from the menu. 
  • Click Color Night Vision.

Other Light indicators for the Ring Doorbell Indicator 

Other indicator lights are used by the Ring Doorbell to alert you to potential problems or to send relevant information. It features a round light that illuminates different areas based on the intended message.

Blue Lights flashing 

A solid blue light, which should reflect different device states, is a common light indicator that your Ring Doorbell will display. A flashing blue light most often indicates that your device is turning on, but it could also indicate other conditions (based on the visual pattern). Bluetooth connectivity is indicated by the blue ring, whereas The white ring indicates Wi-Fi connectivity.


A flashing blue light shows that the camera on your doorbell has turned on. 

Circle filling

A blue circle filling on the doorbell indicates that your device connects to the internet. For the gadget to connect to its software app, it must have an active internet connection.


When someone hits the doorbell button on the outside of the door, the blue light begins to rotate. A notification appears on your smartphone screen informing you that you have a visitor waiting for you.

Flashing white Ring doorbell

My ring doorbell displays a variety of white light patterns. What do they indicate?

White LED flashing from right to left – The ring doorbell cannot access the internet via Wi-Fi.

Constantly flashing – Updating the device’s firmware.

Flashing four times in a row – Setting up the peephole camera was a success

Only the top section of the screen flashes white – The device could not be set up, or there was a password problem. 

Right side white flashing – Setup failed, and the Wi-Fi network could not be connected.

Left side white light flashing – Another factor that caused the setup to fail.

Blue light flashes, then a spinning white circle appears – The device is being reset to factory settings.   

How to Reset Ring Doorbell 

Many connectivity issues can be resolved by performing a reset on your ring bell.

Issues with Connectivity 

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t connecting, there are a few things that could be causing the problem, as well as solutions:

Weak connection 

Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Your modem/router may need to be reset if it’s slow in other parts of your house.

Black Screen During Video Playback 

Change the network your device is connected to. If your connection has issues interacting with the doorbell, this will confirm it. 

There may be a problem with the app. To help identify the cause of the weak connection, try viewing the video playing on your mobile device via Wi-Fi vs. Cellular.

No power

If your model allows you to change the battery, isolate the problem. 

Check sure power is provided to the doorbell through your breaker box if your model is a “wired” one.


You are not alone if you notice various flashing lights on your newly installed Ring Doorbell. The doorbell’s red lights most likely indicate that it needs to be charged or that the IR night vision function needs to be turned on. These are not signs of a malfunctioning device but rather serve as visual indicators of the doorbell’s performance.