The Best Smoke Detectors For Garage | Reviews + Guide

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 07:49 pm

Smoke detectors are one of the most critical fire safety devices in your home.

They can warn you about a fire before it gets out of control, but only if they work correctly.

When buying a smoke detector for your garage or workshop, you want to ensure it will be effective and reliable in detecting fire fast enough to alert you before too much damage.

Many smoke detectors on the market claim to be affordable and effective. But how do we know which ones work? Which ones don’t?

The best way for you and your family members to stay safe from fires is by installing quality smoke detectors throughout your house.

After reviewing dozens of products on the market, we’ve selected our top 10 picks for the best smoke detector for the garage.

This article will review the top 10 best smoke detectors for garages after testing many products on the market.

We have tested them on various parameters like detection range, several sensors, connectivity options, etc.

Our experts have also considered customer reviews while making their decision so that you can trust our recommendations completely!

In a Hurry to Find The Best Smoke Detector For Garage? Here are our Top Suggestions:

Comparison Table for Smoke Detectors For Garage:

Editor’s Top Picks Style Sensor Type More Info.
First Alert SCO5CN Battery-Powered Alarm Electrochemical, Photoelectric Check Price
Kidde Smoke Detector- ‎P3010B Bedroom Photoelectric Check Price
FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120B Hardwired Alarm Ionization, Electrochemical Check Price
Kidde HD135F Battery Powered Electrochemical Check Price
Google Nest Protect ‎06A Battery Electrochemical Check Price
Kidde KN-COSM-BA ‎Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Check Price
Kidde ‎RF-SM-DC RF-SM-DC Smoke Alarm Ionization Check Price
First Alert CO710 10 Year Battery With Digital Display Electrochemical Check Price
‎Kidde Safety KN-COPE-IC Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Photoelectric Check Price
DASINKO ‎GS528A ‎Battery Powered Photoelectric Check Price

The Best Smoke Detectors For Garage – Our Top 10 Picks!

Smoke detectors are essential in every home and office. However, finding a good smoke detector for your garage is not easy.

Our article will help you choose the most suitable smoke detector for your garage or workplace without spending hours searching through different websites and reviews online.

1. First Alert SCO5CN

First Alert SCO5CN

The First Alert SCO5CN is one of the most popular carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on the market.

It’s a battery-powered alarm that uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology to detect harmful gases.

The detector also has a photoelectric sensor to detect flames. One great feature of this alarm is the easy access battery drawer.

If the batteries need replacing or you want to test them, all you have to do is open a drawer at the bottom of the alarm and remove and replace the batteries.

While testing, we found that indicator lights show you when the alarm is sounding and if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide.

It has a loud 85dB alarm that can be heard throughout most homes. It also comes with a mounting bracket to keep it in place.

We liked it the most because this alarm is certified to the latest UL standards and comes with a 10-year warranty.

So, if you want a smoke detector that will protect your garage from harmful gases and fires, then this is the one for you.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Latest UL standards certified
  • Comes with a mounting bracket too
  • 85dB loud siren
  • No voice alarm


2. Kidde Smoke Detector- ‎P3010B

Kidde Smoke Detector- ‎P3010B

Now, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your bedroom smoke alarm is constantly on, 24 hours/day, seven days a week for a decade, with this Kidde Smoke Detector- P3010B.

We liked the UL-listed smoke detector that uses photoelectric technology to detect smoldering fires quickly.

It also features voice alerts, so you will know exactly what’s happening even if you’re not in the same room.

In addition to the voice alarm, this smoke detector also has a red LED light that flashes when it detects smoke.

It operates on a single 9-volt lithium battery (included) and features a test/hush button that silences the unit for approximately 7 minutes.

The tamper-resistant design helps to keep your family safe from unwanted tampering. What we found helpful was the 10-year limited warranty that comes with this product.

We were delighted to test this product because it’s effortless to install and has a voice alarm. For the price, it’s an excellent value for money without any doubt!

Overall, this product gave us much more than what we paid for, and this is why it’s our best smoke detector for the garage. Therefore we recommend this to any buyer who wants a reliable smoke detector.

  • Photoelectric smoke alarm
  • The alarm will sound with the announcement of “Fire.”
  • An alarm warns with voice technology
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • No carbon monoxide alarm




When it comes to security for your garage on a reliable budget, why are you searching everywhere? The BRK SC9120B is the one you should be considering.

This special alarm system comes with both smoke and carbon monoxide sensors to alert you of any potential gas-based fires that might occur.

In addition, it has a battery backup in case of power outages and will sound an 85dB alarm to wake you up (or your neighbors).

In a fire, smoke from burning materials can be very toxic. It is one of the best alarms to protect your garage from harmful gases and fires.

It’s a dual-sensor smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and warn you with an 85-decibel alarm.

We tested that if the alarm goes off, it also tells you which room the danger is in with its voice alarm.

This detector mounts easily with its universal mounting brackets and comes with a 10-year warranty.

We found it very easy to set up and once we had, we were impressed by the loudness of the alarm.

From time to time, we tested this alarm and we can clearly say it’s one of the best on our list. We think everyone should give it a try!

  • Dual-sensor – detects both smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Single test/silence button
  • Tamper-resistant locking brackets
  • Universal mounting brackets make installation easy
  • No low battery indicator


4. Kidde HD135F

Kidde HD135F

The Kidde 135F ionization smoke alarm is a very basic design that has been one of the best-selling alarms for decades.

It is reliable, well-rated by consumers, and has an affordable price point. Like all ionization smoke alarms it is prone to nuisance alarms which are caused by cooking smoke and steam, but it’s also one of the more affordable units on the market.

This smoke detector is perfect for your garage; with its photoelectric sensing technology, it can detect slow, smoldering fires.

The alarm will also sound when it detects high levels of carbon monoxide. We liked that it has been designed for fast and easy installation with its Quick Connect Power Harness.

It also has a battery backup in case of power outages and will sound with a loud 85-decibel alarm.

The exciting thing we found was that it came with a Smart Hush feature that temporarily shuts off the unit if it is triggered by cooking smoke, shower steam, or dust.

We also liked that it had been designed for fast and easy installation. This unit is a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector.

We liked all the futures that we reviewed here, and if you also want all these features, what are you waiting for? Go and buy this product.

  • Interconnectable with up to 24 Kidde devices
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Battery backup
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm
  • Quick Connect Power Harness – Makes installation fast and easy
  • Short life span


5. Google Nest Protect ‎06A

Google Nest Protect ‎06A - Best Smoke Detectors For Garage

We highly recommend the Google Nest Protect 06A smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

This alarm is equipped with a Split Spectrum Sensor that uses two wavelengths of light to detect different fires. The notice also has a friendly voice alert and a familiar beeping sound.

Another great feature of this alarm that we liked the most is the 10-year smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that speaks up in a friendly voice to give you an early warning.

If there is a problem, Nest Protect will tell you where it is. Also, it has a Nightly Promise feature that guarantees your safety at night.

In an emergency, the alarm will sound at a very loud 85db. That is why it is the perfect smoke and carbon monoxide detector for your home. It will also tell you where the danger is if activated.

The thing that made it one of our favorite smoke detectors for garages was the Google assistant integration combined with the Nest app, which allows you to control your alarm from anywhere.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT. Besides its great features, this unit is also available in two colors to choose from, depending on your interest.

Overall, this model is the best choice for your garage security. If you are looking for an affordable, intelligent smoke detector with the latest in fire safety technology, this is the one for you.

  • Split Spectrum Sensor
  • Friendly voice alert
  • Google Assistant integration combined with Nest app
  • Easy to disarm/silence through
  • No battery level indicator on the device


6.‎ Kidde KN-COSM-BA


The Kidde KN-COSM-BA combo smoke detector is second for us because of its cost-effective price.

This model has all the features you need to have peace of mind when protecting your home or garage from fire and smoke damage.

We liked this unit’s ionization sensor technology. It detects fast flaming fires, and the photoelectric sensor technology is for slow smoldering fires.

It comes with ID-AAA battery backup, LED lights, voice alarm, and test/hush feature, which are significant advantages.

A power failure system is also another essential feature. Thanks to the batteries it comes with, it enables you to have your safety regardless of whether there is a power outage or not.

It comes with a push-button that silences false alarms and has tamper-resistant technology. In addition, you can install this unit over a ceiling, wall, or floor mount.

Also, this unit has over 20 years of proven protection through world-class fire safety engineering.

A $50,000 connected equipment guarantee is also included with this product, and for that, we highly recommend it to you.

If you were looking for a smoke detector for your garage that will protect your family, then go and buy it.

  • Over 20 years of proven protection
  • LED lights & voice alarm
  • Ionization sensor technology/photoelectric sensor technology
  • Power failure system
  • No battery level indicator on the device


7. Kidde ‎RF-SM-DC

Kidde ‎RF-SM-DC

The Kidde RF-SM-DC smoke alarm is designed to protect you and your home in every way possible with its safety features.

This unit comes with a voice warning system that tells you the location of the fire.

It also has a test button for verification purposes, a low battery indicator, a Hush Feature that temporarily silences nuisance alarms, and a flashing LED that indicates the alarm is receiving power.

Besides these excellent features, this unit comes with a mounting bracket that has battery operated and uses 4 AA batteries.

Therefore, it can provide you with more than ten years of continuous protection before needing new batteries. This model will be ideal for your garage.

Also, it has a safety benefit by stopping carbon monoxide from entering your home with its feature of carbon Monoxide Alarm.

This unit is recommended to use in houses. This alarm uses ionization sensing technology. Ionization sensing alarms may detect invisible fire particles (flaming, fast fire) faster than photoelectric alarms.

After testing, we found this unit an ideal choice for the garage or living room because of its safety features; hence if you are looking for a reliable smoke detector that will make your home safe, buy this one.

Overall, your problem can be solved because of its safety features like a voice warning system, test button, Hush Feature, which temporarily silences nuisance alarms, and flashing LED that indicates the alarm is receiving power.

  • Excellent safety feature
  • Hush Feature (temporarily silences nuisance alarms)
  • Smoke alarm that stops carbon monoxide from entering your home
  • Voice warning system, test button
  • No battery level indicator on the device


8. First Alert CO710

First Alert CO710 - Best Smoke Detectors For Garage

We know you are desperately looking for the best affordable smoke detector for the garage that will not cost you a lot of cash.

So, let us introduce you to the First Alert CO710 carbon monoxide alarm, which has a unique and stylish design.

This unit comes with a 10-year lithium battery that’s guaranteed to last up to 10 years without replacement.

However, the only problem we found is that you need to change the battery every time you need to call customer care for replacement.

One of the simple features is a clear digital display which makes it easy for you to read with backlit features. Also, a loud 85-decibel alarm sounds when this unit detects carbon monoxide.

Furthermore, its peak level memory shows the highest level of carbon monoxide exposure in ppm over the last 24 hours.

After when tested, this alarm is perfect for a small house, cabin, or garage because of its low profile and sleek design.

It has a battery compartment at the top so you can change the battery without removing the entire alarm from the wall.

If you purchase this CO detector, you will enjoy it because it will monitor levels in your home and provide you with peak level memory of carbon monoxide exposure in ppm over the last 24 hours.

  • 10-year lithium battery
  • Stylish CO monitor with a clear digital display that’s easy to read
  • 85-decibel alarm sounds when carbon monoxide is detected.
  • Peak level memory of carbon monoxide exposure in ppm over the last 24 hours.
  • No battery level indicator on the device


9.‎ ‎Kidde Safety KN-COPE-IC

Kidde Safety KN-COPE-IC

Another, but not last, excellent smoke detector to consider for your garage is Kidde Safety KN-COPE-IC which uses photoelectric sensor technology.

This alarm is perfect for houses and garages with pets because the photoelectric sensor is less likely to set off false alarms from smoke and steam than other types of alarms.

We found that this model includes a battery backup that will keep it powered in the event of a power outage and consists of a voice alert system that will announce “Fire! Fire!” and the standard alarm sound.

It’s also worth mentioning that this alarm has a Test-Hush Feature which temporarily silences nuisance alarms, as well as tamper-resistant technology to keep it from being disabled by unauthorized individuals.

So, the question is, how long is the battery life?

We tested it and found that this smoke detector can last up to 10 years without replacing the 9V battery.

You don’t need to worry now because we have let you find a perfect affordable smoke detector for garages.

We also tested that this alarm mounts on the wall or ceiling and is perfect for use in houses, garages, and other places.

Budget-friendly is its special thing which makes it different from other expensive smoke detectors.

  • Photoelectric sensor technology for areas with lots of pets.
  • Battery Backup & Voice Alert system.
  • Tamper-resistant technology.
  • Ten years without changing the 9V battery (with voice alert).
  • No intelligent features like NFC and Bluetooth



DASINKO ‎GS528A - Best Budgeted Smoke Detectors For Garage

Were you feeling hesitant before buying smoke detectors for your garage? Did you read about the types of smoke detectors? What do you need to do if your alarm goes off, and what will happen if the battery runs down?

So here is another best affordable smoke detector for garages that make it different from others: the DASINKO GS528A. It’s cheaply priced and easy to install, perfect for a first-time detector buyer.

This alarm uses high sensitive & quick responsive microprocessor technology and has an LED indicator that will show you the active status of the notice.

We found that this smoke detector is perfect for various applications. We don’t face any difficulties during installation and no wiring is needed.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can save some money by buying this detector instead of hiring an electrician to install a wired smoke detector.

Yes, there is more interesting about this model! It uses a 9V battery included in the package and has a LOUDLY >85DB (A) AT 3M alarm sound.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy-to-install smoke detector, the DASINKO GS528A is an excellent option to consider.

  • It uses high sensitive & quick responsive microprocessor technology.
  • Installation is easy, and wiring is needed.
  • Battery included.
  • Wide Range of Applications.
  • No battery level indicator on the device


How to Choose The Best Smoke Detector For Garage?

There are many best smoke detectors for garages, but it is imperative to select the best one for your home, office, or other places.

So how can you identify the best smoke detectors for the garage?

Don’t worry, and we will explain Everything about How you can choose the best smoke detectors for the garage to meet your needs.

First of all, you need to identify what type of smoke detector you need. There are many different types of smoke detectors on the market, so it’s essential to know which type will best meet your satisfaction.

Here are the factors you must consider before choosing a smoke detector for your garage.

1. Type of Smoke Detector

There are three significant smoke detectors: ionization, photoelectric and dual sensor. “Ionization” detects smaller particles in the air, which we most often associate with flaming fires.

Photoelectric detects larger particles, which we most often associate with smoldering fires. Dual sensor detectors will detect both flaming and smoldering fires.

2. The functionality of a Smoke Detector

The next step is to identify what you want the smoke detector to do for you. Essential smoke detectors provide an alarm when a fire is detected, while others offer additional functionality.

For instance, you can get smoke detectors that work with an alarm system or sound your existing alarm system when they detect a fire.

Some smoke detectors are provided with LED indicators to show the device’s working status, which is very important for knowing whether it’s working correctly.

3. What does your budget look like?

All good things come at a price. If you want to buy a smoke detector that will provide the best protection, it’ll generally cost more than a basic model. So keep in mind how much you can afford and balance that with your needs.

4. Whether the installation is needed or not?

If you’re not comfortable with installing a smoke detector yourself, you’ll need to find one that is easy to install or hire an electrician to do it for you.

5. Wiring Needed or Not?

You must consider this point as it can be a deal-breaker. Some smoke detectors need to be wired directly into the home’s electrical system, while others are battery-operated and thus easily portable if you move.

6. What features do I want?

All smoke detectors for the garage are not the same. Lots of features are there that can help you choose the best one for you.

If you want exceptional smoke detectors, consider that feature first before buying them. Such as if you’re going to buy a smoke detector that works with an alarm system or Bluetooth, a motion detection device, etc.

So these are the main factors you should consider before choosing the best smoke detectors for the garage.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that now you will not face any problem selecting the best smoke detectors for your home or office.

It is imperative to protect yourself and your family from an accident, so it is advised to choose the best one.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to choose the best smoke detectors for your home or office.

Keep in mind the factors we’ve outlined above, and be sure to consult with your local fire department to find out which type of smoke detector is best for your area.

With so many options available in this article, it’s easy to find the perfect smoke detector for your needs. So don’t wait – protect yourself and your family today with a quality smoke detector!

But still having a problem choosing the best one, then don’t worry and go for the best one, Google Nest Protect ‎06A It is prevalent and has a good rating on Amazon.

It has many features which will help you to protect your family. If you are looking for a more budget product, go for First Alert CO710. It is basic yet has good ratings.

So don’t waste your time in the market and go for it. But if you still have any problems, you can contact us via the comment section below. We will try to help you as soon.

We hope that this article helped inform you about smoke detectors and help you choose the best one. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask us. We will be happy to help you.


How many smoke detectors do I need for my home or office?

You should install at least one smoke detector on every level of your home, including the basement.

If you have a large house, you may need more than one on each level. For offices and other commercial spaces, consult with the fire safety officer to determine how many are required and where they should be placed.

Why do ionization smoke detectors cost less than photoelectric units?

Ionization units are generally less expensive because they use a small amount of radioactive material to ionize the air in the sensor chamber.

The radioactive material is not enough to harm you, but it helps the device detect smaller particles like those created by flaming fires.

What type of smoke detector should I buy?

You must know what kind of fire you’re most likely to encounter in your home or business.

If you mostly have cooking fires, ionization units are generally more effective because they detect small particles earlier.

Photoelectric units are recommended for homes with oil or gas heat because they are less likely to be set off by dust in the air.

What type of batteries should I look for when buying smoke detectors?

Rechargeable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are generally the best type to use in smoke detectors.

Alkaline and lithium batteries may also be used, but they may not last as long as Ni-Cd batteries.

Some smoke detectors come with sealed-in batteries that cannot be replaced, so check the specs before buying.

Can smoke detectors be used in conjunction with security systems?

Yes, many smoke detectors are compatible with security systems. If you want this feature, look for a sensor labeled “security-ready.”

Be sure to consult your security system provider to ensure compatibility.