Ring Doorbell Stuck in Night Vision – Reasons and Solutions!!

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 09:10 am

As soon as you enter your home, you are greeted by a warm, welcoming feeling. But what if your home’s security system was stuck in night vision mode? This would mean that your home would be cast in an eerie, green glow, making it look more like a horror movie than a cozy haven.

Luckily, there is a way to fix this problem. With a few simple steps, you can have your security system back up and running in no time.

Ring Doorbell Stuck in Night Vision – Possible Reasons & Solutions!!

Your Ring Doorbell stuck in night vision is a common problem that can be fixed with some troubleshooting and motor skills. Whether you are experiencing problems with your Ring Pro or Stick Up Cam, This complete guide will work for you.

The first thing that you need to check out is whether the night-vision mode turns on automatically or manually. You want to try different ways of turning off this feature in case it’s being switched on by accident.

1. Accidental Night Vision Switch On

The most common reason why your Ring Doorbell might be in night vision mode is that it was turned on by accident. Your doorbell can fall into night vision anytime you forget to switch the feature off.

The motion sensor of your Ring Doorbell is sensitive and when someone passes through the ring, it sends an alert to your phone with a picture or video. It also activates the night vision lights on your device.

This feature can turn on anytime if someone walks in front of your doorbell’s camera. Many users have reported this problem and it becomes very frustrating because you think the device is broken.

But, you don’t need to worry about this issue at all because it can be fixed.

How to Fix it:

If you have an accidental night vision mode then all you need is to turn it off. Now, recall the last time you see that the night vision mode was activated on your Ring device. Do you need to find out how did this happen? 

Well, there are steps you need to follow to solve this problem:

  1. Check the time – Try recalling when it was turned on
  2. Know how the night vision mode is activated – If you recall that it was activated by command, then check your commands list and turn off any accidental activation of the night vision mode.
  3. Check the motion sensor sensitivity – The motion detector is enabled by default. You need to turn it off if you don’t want night vision mode to be activated by a single motion in front of your doorbell camera.

2. Settings Problem

If your device is stuck on night vision and you are unable to move it out of this mode, then it must be because of a setting problem. You need to check your settings first and make sure that the night vision isn’t set on automatically.

You can either access the MyRing app from your mobile phone or visit ring.com using a desktop device.

Once you are on the website, click the ‘My Devices’ button and find the Ring device whose night vision is stuck in. Now click the settings button which is located at the bottom corner of your screen.

You can see different options in the settings menu such as Night Vision, Notifications, Camera, etc.

How to Fix it:

  1. Turn off the night vision from the settings menu – You can try turning off the night vision feature. Just open the settings page on your phone and click the Night Vision tab. Then, uncheck the box next to the Auto on/off option so that daytime is always selected as the default when Ring Doorbell switches between its modes.
  2. Choose Manual Mode.
  3. Turn off the night vision manually – If you can’t find the Night Vision option in your Ring app, then change to manual mode and turn off the night vision from this page.

3. Daytime Night Vision Mode Switch On

Another reason why your Ring might be stuck in night vision mode is that you enabled the daylight feature. Many users that use this device are not aware of the different modes and features it comes with.

To keep an eye on all activities during the daytime, they enable the daylight feature on their Ring.

You can easily tell the difference between day and night modes by just looking at the ring light of your device. The light is green during daytime and read during nighttime. Just go to Settings Menu and enable or disable Night Vision according to your needs.

How to Fix It:

To fix this problem, you need to get back to your default settings. If you enabled the night vision on daylight mode, then just turn off your Ring device and check the time. 

You can change these settings by enabling or disabling them in the Camera section of the Settings page. For instance, if Day Light is enabled at nighttime then disable it and vice-versa.

4. Camera Settings Problem

If your ring doorbell is stuck in night vision mode and you are unable to change the setting from there then it could be a camera problem.

The Ring device comes with two streaming methods; live streaming or event-based streaming.

You are using the event-based streaming method, so you need to change it to live modes if your doorbell is stuck in night vision mode while no one is passing through the camera.

How to Fix it:

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on the Settings option located at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Now, select Event based recording from the list of streaming options.
  3. Go to the Camera section and toggle off the ‘Night Vision’ option. Click the Save button and try again if you are unable to get results this time. You should now be able to see the day and night modes of your Ring device.

5. The Motor Is Broken

If all settings and installation procedures have been followed properly but, still the Ring Doorbell is experiencing problems in working properly, it is a problem with the motor.

The motor of the Ring Doorbell is responsible for all movements and if it gets stuck in night vision mode then you need to repair the device.

How to Fix it:

There are some basic steps that you can try out before opting for professional help:

  1. Make sure your Ring doorbell isn’t overly sensitive.
  2. Unplugging the power supply for a while and then switching it back on will surely fix the problem.
  3. You can try these steps and if they don’t work then you should take your device to an expert.

6. Motor Is Stuck

If all settings are correct but, still the Ring Doorbell is stuck in night vision mode, it is because of a motor problem.

You need to contact the manufacturer or service center and get your device inspected. It might need a simple repair or replacement.

How to Fix it:

If the motor of the Ring Doorbell is broken, then you need to replace it as soon as possible. To do this, you need to open the device casing and should have some knowledge of electronics.

If your Ring Doorbell is damaged beyond repair, then don’t worry because now you can buy a replacement motor for Ring Doorbell.

You will easily find a wide variety of motors at different price tags but before making any purchase make sure that the part you are buying is compatible with your device model.

7. Wireless Interference Problem

If you are using a wired Ring Doorbell then the problem is with the gadget but, if you use a wireless model then it could be due to some interference in your Wi-Fi network.

How to Fix It:

  1. Reboot your router and modem by unplugging the power supply for a few minutes.
  2. Contact your home network service provider and have them check your internet connection.
  3. You can also try to move your Ring Doorbell closer to the router or modem and check if it will work properly then. Or you can take advice from experts before moving the device around.

8. House Shocking Problem

If the previously mentioned steps didn’t work and the Ring doorbell still stuck in night vision then it must be a problem with the house’s electricity system.

Make sure that no heavy appliance is turned on near the Ring Doorbell or else it will damage your device. It also requires proper grounding so have yourself checked by professionals before installing the device in your house.

How to fix it:

If it is not a problem with your device then you need to check the wiring of the house. Make sure that all wires are connected properly and if they are then wait for an hour or two and see if there is any improvement in the performance.

You should also check the main fuse as sometimes electricity gets stuck inside so try replacing it at first if you have a spare one in your house.

9. The Camera Or Sensor Is Damaged

This may sound strange but, it’s a very common issue that comes up when we talk about sensor-based gadgets and devices. The most common reason is that the infrared LED or other sensors of your Ring Doorbell have got damaged.

How to Fix It

  1. You should check the camera and sensor of your Ring Doorbell for any damage first.
  2. Make sure that cables are securely attached to the part where they connect with rings doorbell device as if they come loose from the main body, it may cause this problem.

10. No Support From Installer

At times, there may be some problems with the installation procedure that might cause malfunctioning of the Ring Doorbell.

You need to check whether you followed all steps mentioned by experts and if you did then, you should get in touch with the Ring installer to get it fixed.

If you took help from the wrong person and messed up with the device setting then just take your device back to where you bought it and have the problem fixed or replaced under warranty.

However, if you’ve tried doing all of that and your Ring doorbell is still stuck in night vision mode, it might be time to contact Ring’s customer service for further troubleshooting and help.

Final Thoughts!

Ring doorbell cameras are very useful gadgets that come with amazing features. If you are one of the users who is suffering from a night vision mode problem then you should follow all the steps we mentioned above and get your device to work properly.

We hope our guide could help you fix your Ring Doorbell which might be stuck in Night Vision Mode

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