Hue Light Keeps Turning On – Reasons and Solutions!

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 11:15 am

Phillips Hue is regarded as one of the smart home community’s most convenient and dependable smart lighting alternatives. This is owing to the large array of options that it includes.

For example, you may introduce custom scenes in each room by employing the Hue lights. You can create routines, such as turning on the lights at a specified hour or when your alarm goes up. The same can be true for turning off your lights at a given time or under certain circumstances.

Philips Hue smart bulbs allow you to switch on and off your lights in your house utilizing a smart speaker or smartphone app. You can automate or utilize color-changing bulbs to create the right environment.

However, all of this is for naught if one Philips Hue lights continue to switch itself on after you switch them off. Fortunately, you can quickly resolve this issue with a few fast troubleshooting methods.

My hue light keeps turning on; why?

Most individuals have reported that their Hue lights have started turning on randomly. Some of them have claimed that when they return home from the outdoors, the lights in their home have been turned on. This is infuriating and tiring.

There is, perhaps, something to be done to correct the situation. This post is to show you how to do just that. Here are the details;

The reason why hue lights turn on


There could be a variety of reasons why lights turn on by themselves. We can’t pinpoint one and say that it’s the reason you’re having this problem. However, most users have indicated that a short or duplicate scene causes this issue.

A variety of measures are suggested in this article. You’ll have to go over each one of them. This will assist you in resolving the problem, irrespective of the cause.

Examine the power source

The most significant cause for your bulbs to continually turn on is that the power source isn’t potent enough to sustain the charge required to keep the lamp switched on. You might discover one of your bulbs isn’t operating properly, even though the others are fine.

A 15 amp breaker can handle up to 30 lights (depending on a 50 watt led). A 15-amp breaker may accommodate up to 30 lights. A 20amp breaker can handle up to 40 lights.

Philips Hue Lights: Delete and Re-Pair

Even though your Philips Hue smart lights seem to have completely connected with your smart devices and bridged, you may need to connect them again if they continue to switch on their own.

Install Philips Hue on your mobile device. Run these commands after downloading and installing the Hue app;

  • Go to Settings in the Philips Hue app on your smartphone.
  • Pick the light that keeps switching itself back on from the Lights menu.
  • Remove the light from your configuration by selecting Delete. After reading the warnings, confirm that you would delete the light.
  • Now hit the “(+)” key to add a light and check for that bulb once more. If you didn’t locate it by searching, look for it by serial number.
  • After you’ve identified the bulb, name it and click on the Home tab to change its location. You may have to change your routines and custom scenes to use the light again.

Alternative route;

How to resolve it?

Follow these tips to troubleshoot and resolve this issue;

  • To begin, go to your app or the Hue website. Look to see whether there are any guidelines in place. If there are any, go over every one of them.
  • The next step is to disconnect your light from each device connected. You might, for example, have it linked to your Nest thermostat or Alexa.
  • Finally, launch the Hue app. On the upper left corner of the screen, you should notice a gear icon. Go to Hue Bridge after tapping on it. On the left side of the Bridge, click the “I” sign. Choose “Clean Up.”

Implementing this step will eliminate any duplicates or interference that may have caused this problem.

Change your Philip Hue bulb through a warranty

If you’re still experiencing troubles with the bulb, you should get in touch with Philips. Any Philips Hue bulbs procured from an authorized retailer come with a two-year guarantee from Philips. Your smart lights may be covered by the product warranty, based on where you purchased them.