How to Connect Alexa to PS5?

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 07:49 pm

If you are looking for a way to connect your Alexa-enabled device with it, you’re in luck. This article will give you all the information you need to do just that hassle-freely, and in no time at all.

Your gaming session will be elevated to a whole new level once you link Alexa to your PS5. Since every gamer is constantly seeking methods to improve his/her gaming environment, the ability to operate your PlayStation with just your voice makes it quite convenient.

You have arrived at the correct location if you have completed the initial setup of your PlayStation 5 and now wish to link it to Alexa. Keep reading down below to learn how to use Alexa to issue voice commands to your PlayStation 5. 

How to Connect Alexa to PS5 – Step-By-Step Guide

To start, we are quite sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, but the PlayStation 5 isn’t compatible with Alexa. The Sony PS5, in contrast to the Xbox Series X, is unable to recognize audio voice signals.

The situation shouldn’t, however, prevent you from taking advantage of it. To boost your gameplay experience to a whole new level, let’s take a look at some of the most straightforward tips and tactics for connecting Alexa to the PS5.

You will need a smart TV and an HDMI cable with the appropriate HDMI CEC connector to link your PlayStation 5 to Alexa. The smart TV’s HDMI inputs can be used to manage external devices with this cable.

  1. Setting up your PS5 requires enabling Alexa on your smart TV, first.
  2. Simply launch the Alexa application, and go to the menu labeled Settings.
  3. After that, keep scrolling until you find the option labeled TV & Video. Tap on it.
  4. Now, pick the Smart TV with which you want Alexa to be linked or connected.
  5. Next, select Link or Enable to proceed.
  6. Then, choose the Alexa device to control your Smart TV.
  7. At last, select Link Device.

Set up the PS5 With Alexa Voice Controls

  1. Access the Smart TV’s Settings Menu to enable Alexa voice controls for the PS5.
  2. Following that, select HDMI from the Systems menu.
  3. Turn on the HDMI device and then activate the link.
  4. If you enable this function, you can tell Alexa to power on your PS5 and it will do so instantly. That’s all there is to it!

How to Turn on Your PS5 Using Alexa?

You can now enable your PlayStation 5 console with voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa assistant. This means that you can use voice commands to turn on your PS5, as well as navigate the interface and launch games. 

To set up this feature, open the Alexa app on your phone and go to Settings > Devices. From here, select “Add Device” and follow the prompts. Once your PS5 is set up, you can start using voice commands by saying “Alexa, turn on my PlayStation 5.

Advantages of Connecting Alexa to PS5

The PlayStation 5 console comes with a built-in Alexa app and offers various advantages to the users. Mentioned below are some of the most prominent advantages:

  • It lets you use voice commands to control your PS5. 
  • You can use Alexa to turn on your PS5, launch games, pause games, and more. 
  • The Alexa app also lets you control other aspects of your PS5, such as the volume and settings. 
  • Also, it allows you to check your PS5’s game library and find out information about upcoming releases. 
  • Connecting Alexa to your PS5 can make your gaming experience more convenient and fun.
  • It’s convenient, you can use your voice to control many of the PS5’s functions.
  • Moreover, it is hands-free as you don’t have to fumble around with a controller when you’re trying to do other things. 
  • You may also use Alexa to control other devices in your home, such as your TV or lights. 
  • Another advantage of connecting Alexa to PS5 is that you can use voice commands to navigate the menus and this is especially useful if you have a lot of games and don’t want to scroll through them all to find the one you want to play. 
  • Connecting Alexa to PS5 can provide you with useful information, such as game tips or weather updates.
  • Lastly, it’s accurate and it can understand complex commands and respond accordingly


In this article, we showed you how to connect Alexa to the PS5 console. We hope that this has been helpful and that you are now able to enjoy the benefits of using Alexa with your PS5.

Overall, connecting Alexa to your Playstation is a pretty simple process. Once you have everything set up, you’ll be able to use voice commands to do things like turn on your PS5, start a game, and more. 

So, if you’re looking for a hands-free way to interact with your PS5, then connecting to Alexa is worth considering.


Q. Can Alexa turn on Xbox?

In case you were wondering, the answer is “YES” if you own an Xbox One and also an Alexa device. This implies that you can switch on/off your Xbox using the Alexa app or basic voice commands. There are a plethora of other options available, such as the ability to adjust the sound level, pause a video, access a specific program, or play a particular game.

Q. How do I link Alexa to my PS4?

You’ll need to buy a Harmony Hub to link your PlayStation 4 to Alexa. This accessory transforms your mobile device into a universal remote. However, if you don’t want to spend the money on a Harmony Hub, you can also get by with an HDMI CEC. It works well in most cases.

Can Alexa connect to gaming consoles?

Yes, Alexa can connect to and take control of gaming consoles like the Xbox One by utilizing the HDMI connection on the television. On the other hand, you may use your voice to take control of the consoles, which will offer you an advantage when playing games like PUBG and Fortnite.