Can Ring Doorbell be Stolen?

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 06:00 am

Ring doorbell is a simple but very helpful tool for keeping track of your home and family. You hear ring the doorbell from anywhere, and it will tell you who is at the door.

And if you have a home that is not protected by a security system, then there is a chance that your house may be a target for thieves.

This means that you can be attacked at any time and can be robbed by a thief. There are many reasons that people would want to steal your items, and your doorbell ringers are just one of them.

In this article, we will discuss why someone might want to steal your ring doorbell and what you can do to stop them.

Can Ring doorbell be Stolen?

Yes, Ring doorbell can be stolen. Ring doorbell has an option to add a pin to the device so that no one can steal it. This will make the app connected to the Ring doorbell useless until and unless you input the pin.

Definitely, you can never be sure that your doorbell will not be stolen. Thieves may be watching your house from the shadows and they may be able to see when you are out of the house. 

Can I Track a Stolen Ring Doorbell?

Yes, you can track a stolen ring doorbell. First, make sure that you have the Ring app set to upload video clips in your desired time frame. 

Then, if your Ring doorbell notices motion when you’re away, it will begin to record a video and upload it to the cloud. To summarize, here are the steps that you need to take to track a stolen Ring doorbell:

Step 1

Download the Ring app and set the Ring doorbell to upload videos in the desired timeframe.

Step 2

If your Ring doorbell notices motion when you’re away, it will begin to record a video and upload it to the cloud.

Step 3

Watch the video and identify the thief.

Step 4

Report him.

What Can I Do if My Ring Doorbell Is Stolen?

Ring doorbells can be stolen, but thieves will have a harder time getting away with them. Ring’s new doorbell has a built-in security camera, so if someone is bold enough to steal the bell and the base station, they’ll still need to do some work to get at the video footage here is what you can do to prevent it:

1. Assemble your Ring Doorbell as securely as possible to your door frame or, if possible, to the wall.

2. Get a cover box or metal locking plate that you can attach to the wall or door frame, but make sure the camera isn’t hidden.

3. Make sure you have a backup camera.

4. Install the Ring app and set it to upload videos to the cloud.

5. If you want to be sure that your Ring Doorbell will not be stolen, you need to make sure that it is properly secured. Make sure that the Ring Doorbell is installed on the wall or the door frame.

Is It Possible to Steal a Ring Doorbell Before It Records Video?

When Ring doorbells sense activity, they start recording video. As a result, in the vast majority of circumstances, the Ring doorbell should record video of the item being taken. 

If a burglar utilizes a Wi-Fi jammer, a ring doorbell can be stolen while the footage is captured. And this is where things get a little problematic, as they can interfere with the Ring doorbell’s signal. Ring also lacks anti-jamming detection at the moment. 

Why Do People Steal Ring Doorbells?

Ring Doorbells are really popular, but that popularity also means that they are going to be prime targets for thieves.

If you have a Ring Doorbell, you need to know how to protect it from theft. It’s important to know that the Ring Doorbell is not a substitute for a home security system.


Ring doorbells are easy to install, and they are a great way to keep your house secure. They also provide the added benefit of a doorbell, which is a really convenient feature.

Ring doorbell is one of the best ways to stay safe at home. Ring doorbells are equipped with motion sensors, so they can detect movement even if you’re not at home. 

When you’re away, the Ring doorbell will record a video clip and upload it to the cloud. You can watch the video later to identify the thief.

Ring doorbells can be stolen, but thieves will have a harder time getting away with them. And you can follow this article to protect your ring bell from being stolen. 

Thank you for reading.