Best Smart Water Shut-Off Valves | Reviews + Guide

The Best Smart Water Shut-off Valves must be considered as an important contribution to the safety of your home.

It has been designed to automatically shut down all the water supply lines in case of a major leak or spillage.

This helps you save huge expenses and unnecessary wastage of precious drinking water. Now, with the idea of turning your house into a smart one you can get this great device home.

The most effective smart water shut-off valve is an automated water-shutoff device that works with the use of a toilet flush.

This device can detect when anyone uses an excessive amount of water and cannot be used for flushing purposes.

The Best Smart Water Shut-off Valves are designed with the help of new technology which can detect any kind of water leakage in your house.

The device will immediately shut down both the supply lines which are connected to it, thus saving huge amounts of water bills and damage to precious furniture and appliances in your house.

Best Smart Water Shut-Off Valves – Top Picks!

It is important to have the correct kind of shut-off valve attached to all the water supply lines so that it can quickly turn them off in case of a leak.

Based upon our extensive research work we have finalized our top 6 Smart Water Shut-off Valves and the detailed review of each of the selected products is as follows:

1. Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff Valve

Installing a new water shutoff valve in your home is one of the best ways to save money on both hot and cold supplies.

The Moen 900-001 Flo by Moen 3/4″ Smart Water Shut-off Valve allows users to turn off their taps remotely, which means you won’t need any wrench or even be at home for emergencies when there’s suddenly no more running faucets.

The Smart Water Shut-Off Valve can be used to turn off your tap when not in use. The idea behind this smart shut-off feature is great. It will be the perfect addition to your kitchen or bath remodel.

It offers two functions: one-touch functionality on demand so no waiting around when someone leaves; plus, there’s also a rapid flow feature which allows hands-free use while brushing teeth, etc.

The new App from Moen and Flo automatically turns off the water for you to protect your home from devastating damage.

The app also monitors security to identify leaks as small, like pinhole ones, that would otherwise go unnoticed by homeowners.

This water watcher is a smart water conservation device that can help you save money and get your daily intake of water under control.

It can be used with Alexa skills or Google Assistant and does not require a smart hub for installation. This simple water meter is compatible in any home where an AC/DC power connection will do (no special wiring needed).

It is a perfect way to save on your water bill and ensure that you get the most out of it. This product also comes with a 5-year warranty.

However, it requires a plumber with experience in installing this shut-off valve as it is not easy to use and understand for anyone else but professionals who know what they’re doing.

  • Turn OffTaps Remotely One-Touch Functionality Allows Hands-Free Use Smart Water Conservation Device Does Not Require a Smart Hub for Installation
  • Installation by a professional is essentially recommended


2. EcoNet Controls Z-Wave Water Valve

TheEcoNet Controls Z-Wave Water Valve is a shut-off water valve that can be installed in just seconds and doesn’t require any plumbing skills.

This new product from EcoNet Controls comes with all necessary DC voltage converters so you don’t even need an outlet nearby.

The small box includes four different valves: one up to 1/2 inch; two 0 – 5 mm sizes each measuring 3″ long x 2 inches wide x 1 9/16 ” tall.

This special Water Shut-Off Valve can be up to 1/2 inch in size making them perfect for any home with an outflow or upstream bathroom sink drain that doesn’t have a ballcock system installed.

The controller for your home’s water needs, this shut-off valve is compatible with most smart devices and can be controlled from anywhere.

Just connect it to your router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable for easy installation on all major platforms like Control4 Universal Devices, Honeywell, Nexia, etc. but be sure you have the right controller.

It even has an app so that you don’t have to get up off the couch when it rains or if there are leaks imposed. The best way possible is by using induction heating technology which does not require electricity at all, making these valves super convenient.

Do you have a Smart Home Controller? If not, check out the Bulldog-WIFI. This device is perfect for any type of environment and will provide Wi-Fi coverage in your house without having an unsightly cable running throughout it.

This water shut-off valve is the perfect choice for tough valves and installations. With its high torque, intelligent stroke control features it can handle any job you throw at it – including those on your most difficult projects.

However, a few complaints were reported about this valve’s connectivity with water sensors.

  • Easy Installation Comes with all Voltage Converters Compatible with most Smart Devices Super Convenient Intelligent Stroke Control Features
  • Wireless connectivity problems


3. Leaksmart Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

The Leaksmart Automatic Water Shutoff Valve is a perfect solution for homeowners who are looking to repair and prevent water leaks in their homes.

This kit includes the 1-inch automatic shut-off valve, sensor, as well as smart hub so you can keep an eye on things from anywhere when it comes time to fix those pesky drips.

This Best Smart Water Shut-Off Valve kit is perfect for the person who wants to be able to detect leaks in their home or business before they happen.

This water shut-off valve is a lifesaver. It can take care of any plumbing emergency, even when the power and Wi-Fi are out.

This device provides 24/7 protection for your home in case anything goes wrong with water lines or drains. It’s equipped with an internal battery backup that keeps running off this smart protocol, so you don’t worry about not being able to use appliances like washing machines because they’re too heavy on batteries anymore.

LeakSmart has the most intelligent technology integrations with leading smart home systems. With this, you can create a seamless internet of things experience that is perfect for your needs.

Connect to Alexa or Control4 and be able to manage all aspects from inside this app like never; plus, Wink integration makes it easy to connect virtually any appliance in seconds – no more waiting on hold while trying desperately not to leak again during those long holidays.

With this system, you can save money on your water bill and avoid potential issues with leaks. With just one automatic shut-off valve and a hub that handles up to 32 sensors for added protection in other high-risk areas of the home.

A water shut-off valve is a necessity in any home. However, the app is not user-friendly, and it can be difficult to calibrate or configure this water shut-off valve.

  • Repair and Prevent Water Leaks Smart Hub Included Takes Care of any Plumbing Emergency Equipped with an Internal Battery Backup Compatible with Alexa, Control4 Etc.
  • Difficult to calibrate or configure this valve app


4. Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve

The Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve is a perfect solution for those with pipes up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

It works by automatically stopping the flow of water when it senses that you’ve turned off your faucet or sink, so there’s no need for high-maintenance devices such as tanks and pumps anymore.

This Highly Recommended Water Shut-Off Valve features an easy push-button operation via voice command system which allows homeowners who are elderly on their hands and feet (literally) without issue using TalkNow™ Technology.

This valve is an easy way to ensure your pipes are always water-free. The white, dome-shaped device works with any size pipe and shuts off the flow of liquid so you can use it as much or little depending on how big a family you have.

This water shut-off valve is a must for any home that values convenience and easy access. With On-demand control from anywhere using your smart device’s mobile app, this sleek design makes life easier – whether you’re at work or just want to check on things remotely while away.

If you’re out of town and your water leaks, the smart valve controller will automatically shut off the flow. It also notifies when that happens so there’s no need for costly repairs or any other hassle.

Not only does it detect leaks to protect your home from expensive damages but also sends notifications if something goes wrong with its settings – this way you can always stay safe without worrying about what might happen should an emergency arise while away from home.

However, this product is more expensive than other competitors, and most people avoid buying it because they don’t want to break their bank.

  • Automatically Stops the Flow of Water Easy Push-Button Operation Comes with On-Demand Control Equipped with Smart Valve Controller Hassle-Free
  • Quite expensive than competitors


5. Grohe Smart Water Controller

The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller is a white, wireless controller for two faucets. It has an easy-to-use app that lets you know how much water your household uses when it needs recharging from the tap on each side or pitcher in between them.

The Smart Water Shut-Off Valve gives family members peace of mind knowing they’re not wasting any precious resources with this clever design.

This water controller has a sleek and stylish way to connect your Grohe water, no matter where you are. It’s easy-to-use with its touch screen interface, allowing for set customizations that ease everyday life necessities such as temperature regulation, etc.

This water controller is a must-have for any home. It has an easy installation process and can connect wirelessly with your phone or laptop, giving you complete control over the temperature of hot or cold water in just one tap.

This device can detect pipe breaks, micro leaks as well frost in the pipes which could lead to water damage if left unchecked.

The automatic function will automatically shut off when it detects these issues while manual or remote options allow you to take control from afar with a button press – giving your home all this vital protection without running out on day-to-day tasks like taking care of family members during an emergency.

ONDUS App is the perfect water control system for your home. With customizable settings and remote control, you can make sure that every aspect of this appliance works just as it should.

However, this water controller is not suitable for potable or drinking purposes. The instructions state that it should only be used to control chlorine in spa and pool environments, but this device can also affect the taste of tap drinks as well.

  • Wireless Controller Sleek and Stylish Design Touch Screen Interface Can Detect Pipe Breaks and Micro Leaks Easy Installation Process
  • Not suitable for drinking or potable water


6. Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant is a professional-installed water leak detector, with automatic shutoff and usage monitor (compatible w/ Alexa).

This device will detect leaks quickly so you can stop them in their tracks before they get worse. It also has an alarm for when it detects any presence of moisture or flow issues at your home’s plumbing fixtures.

The new advanced features of this Unique Water Shut-Off Valve allow homeowners to stay informed about what’s going inside their house while saving energy by shutting off power if necessary.

This water shut-off valve is an innovative way to help you save money on your utility bills and prevent frozen pipes.

With this new device, the user can merely turn off any leaks while still being able to detect when there’s too much pressure in certain areas of their property which could lead someone into having trouble with burst pipes later down the road.

With the help of a water sensor alarm, this valve ensures that your home stays dry and leak-free. The Smart Home-enabled system will detect any drips or leaks so you can rest assured knowing there’s no need to worry.

This valve has received real-time alerts at the first sign of a possible issue with the free Phyn app for iOS and Android, allowing you to automatically shut off water anywhere.

This water valve is a must for those who want to control their home’s plumbing with voice commands. With Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can now do everything from turning on the sink faucet in an upstairs bathroom all while speaking through Echo or Google Home speakers.

However, the features of this water shut-off valve are a bit lacking. There is no battery backup, and the setup is not helpful in cases where you need to use 1 1/4 -inch supply lines.

  • Automatic Shutoff Water Sensor Alarm Real-Time Alerts Amazon Alexa Compatibility Prevent Frozen Pipes
  • Setup is not helpful in cases where you need to use 1 1/4″ supply lines


Buying Guide For Best Smart Water Shut-Off Valve

1. Easy Installation

Best Smart Water Shut Off Valve should be easy to install without the need for a professional plumber.

2. Wi-Fi and Mobile Connectivity

The Smart Water Shut-off Valve must have Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity options. It should allow you to connect and control it remotely using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet (from anywhere in the world).

You should be able to set schedules and alerts for the Shut-off Valve.

3. No Separate Hub

There should be no need for a separate hub or gateway to control or monitor your Best Smart Water Shut Off Valve. It should work directly with your Wi-Fi router.

Some valves come with additional features like leak detection, Automatic Leak Detection (ALD).

4. Low Battery Indicator

The Shut-off Valve should have a low battery indicator and a self-monitoring system that alerts you about a possible leak.

It should be able to control the water flow to individual rooms or areas of your house or business. You can also schedule it to shut down at night/ early morning while everyone is sleeping.

5. Water Flow Control

The Smart Water Shut-off Valve should allow you to control the water flow only in specific areas of your home or office (like the master bathroom or kitchen).

You can set it up to shut down during certain hours when no one is around. This helps to save water and money. It also has an alert notification function to keep you updated about water consumption.

6. Multiple Sensors

There should be an option to add multiple sensors for leak detection and shut off. Having a sensor at multiple locations in your home/ business allows you to detect and shut off even a small or single drop of water or any other liquid getting spilled on the floor. Most valves come with just one sensor.

7. Precise Temperature Control

The Best Smart Water Shutoff Valve should have very precise temperature control to avoid water wastage due to fluctuations in temperature.

In winter, if the temperature is below freezing point, you can lower the water flow just enough for the running water to prevent any ice from building up. Some valves also come with heating capabilities to prevent the freezing of pipes.

8. No Annual Fees

There should be no need for any annual fees for the Smart Water Shut-off Valve. Operating costs are included in most valves.

9. Durable

The valve should be durable, easy to mount, and completely compatible with the existing plumbing fixtures of yours. It must have a sturdy construction so that it will not get damaged even it is used again and again.

10. Compatibility

Make sure the smart valve will be compatible with all types of plumbing fixtures, including gas pipelines.

11. Size

The size of the valve must be according to the existing specifications of your home. If it is not compatible, then you will need to hire someone to do the job for you and that can cost a lot of money while buying new fittings and pipelines.

12. Type

Different valves have different working mechanisms, so check which type of valve will be suitable for your home and kitchen appliances before getting into any final deal.

13. Price

The smart valves are available in various price ranges, so compare all the options and buy one which is completely compatible with your budget.

14. Warranty

Your valve must have at least a 1-year warranty so that if it damages or has any other fault, you can get it repaired or replaced without wasting too much time.

15. Customer Support

Check how quick your manufacturer is in responding to your problems regarding the product because brands with good after-sales service must be chosen before buying anything.


All the above-mentioned valves are the Best Smart Water Shut-Off Valve, but if I must recommend one then my top priority will be Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant.

This smart water shut-off valve is a great solution for people who are looking to stop wasting money and time on wasted trips.

This device not only has an automatic cut-off feature but also includes sensors that will alarm when the temperature gets too low or high so you can act before it’s too late.

You’ll never have frozen pipes again, thanks to this innovative new product. It is all set up with Amazon Alexa compatibility as well if desired.

As a second choice, I will recommend the readers to consider Grohe Smart Water Controller. This water shut-off valve has all the features you could want, including an easy installation process.

Its sleek and stylish design means it will add a touch of class to any home or office while its wireless controller lets homeowners control their utilities from afar without ever having to deal with pesky wires.

What are your thoughts on this article theBest Smart Water Shut-Off Valve? Does it help answer any questions or solve the problem while deciding which of these amazing products to consider while buying one for yourself? If so, please leave a comment in the discussion section. Thank you for reading.


Q. What is a smart water shut-off valve?

A Smart Water Shut Off Valve (S-Valve) is any kind of automated device that regulates the flow of water through your pipes based on your needs and current infrastructure.

Q. What is the best way to integrate an S-Valve with other smart home devices?

If you don’t want to put any additional holes in your walls for traditional water shut-off valves, then I highly recommend using an Outlet Switch as opposed to a Z-wave or Zigbee smart plug.

Outlet switches come with on/off buttons and work exactly like wall outlets, but just have an extra wire you can hook up to the S-Valve of your choice.

Q. What is the best way to control S-Valves in an automated smart home?

First, make sure to always connect your water shut-off valves in a downstream manner like shown in the image below.

This means that the valve closest to the main shut-off valve (i.e., usually located in your front yard) should relate to wires running directly to it – and not through any intermediary devices such as smart plugs, wall outlets, or wall switches.