The Best Smart Locks For Front Door | Reviews And Guide

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 06:25 am

Smart locks are among the most exciting developments in the home automation field, and these days there are many options from which to choose.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best smart locks for front doors on the market today.

We’ll discuss what makes each one unique, and we’ll examine all the features you should be looking for in your new smart lock.

A smart lock refers to any locking mechanism that you can control remotely through a connected device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

This allows you to grant access to friends, family members, and housekeepers without the need for them each time to come equipped with an individual key.

It’s one of the most helpful home automation features you can add to any home, and with smart locks, their popularity is growing year by year.

One frequently asked question about smart locks is whether or not they’re more secure than conventional lock systems.

After all, if someone gains access to your phone or tablet, it could be a simple matter to gain access through the lock. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with most smart locks.

The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association estimate that 95% of burglars enter via an unlocked door or window. Hence, having a smart lock only gives you protection against those who would break in through a secured entry point.

Additionally, while the lock itself can be hacked, most smart locks are designed to disable themselves if an unauthorized person tries to manipulate their commands more than a small number of times.

Best Smart Locks For Front Door – Our Top Picks

There are so many options in the marketplace, which make it daunting to purchase the best smart lock that is in your budget and has all the features you require.

Smart Locks are one of the most popular products for front doors! Let’s explore what makes these models tremendous and find the best one for your home’s front door.

We’ve analyzed over a dozen best smart locks for front doors to see which ones stood above the rest in terms of functionality, quality, and overall experience.

Here are our top five suggestions:

1. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

Lock up your home with Honeywell’s easy-to-install digital door locks!

With keyless entry, the only thing you need to do is walk right in and be on your way.

The package contents include an adjustable latch kit that mounts easily within minutes onto pre-drilled holes in the front or side of most doors.

All Honeywell digital door locks are backed by a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, so no worries if anything goes wrong because it will get fixed for free.

Honeywell’s company, Aegislink, is a brand licensee of Honeywell that maintains the highest levels of integrity.

This ensures they’re credible and continue to grow in performance with their strong reputation intact.

From factory workers on the shop floor, all the way up to board members discussing plans from within comfortable offices – no one gets left behind when it comes down to treating everyone equally based on standards higher than any law or regulation can impose upon them.

 Why We Like It:

  • Digital Door Lock
  • Secure
  • Trusted Company


2. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen, wifi Smart Lock

The Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen wwifif Smart lock makes it easier than ever to get in your home and never lose a key again.

The lock is activated by Auto-Unlock (no need for keys) or touchpad entry with the touchscreen display.

You can also unlock using the app on your smartphone or Apple Watch if you’re running late!

Leave that bulky keychain behind and enjoy one less thing from worrying about while juggling everything else life throws at you.

The Yale Assure locks are easy to install and use.

The mounts come with adhesive for installation, so you won’t have the hassle of drilling holes in your door or worrying about screws falling out (it’s a real issue).

And if you live somewhere that doesn’t get much sun during winter, don’t worry-the lock is removable without damaging walls thanks to its four magnetic attachments.

 Why We Like It:

  • No need of Key
  • Brushed Nickel Finishing
  • Easy to install


3. Kwikset 99380-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

Kwikset Halo Smart Lock is an innovative new door lock that does not require a third-party smart home hub panel or subscription, and it connects directly to your wifi network.

This patented technology allows for remote access from your smartphone, giving the user complete control over their security while on the go!

The Kwikset 99380-002 takes all of this one step further by using more advanced features such as geolocation services and intelligent keyless entry locks with fingerprint scanning capabilities.

The Kwikset SmartKey App will send you notifications when your lock activates and allows for a seamless way to view all of the events that have taken place in your home.

The app also includes many features such as voice assistant compatibility, advanced security protection against break-in techniques, and more.

Why We Like It

  • Venetian Bronze Colour
  • Fine Finishing
  • Smart Key Security


4. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge wwifif Adaptor

The ULTRALOQ is a state-of-the-art security system that will ensure your home or business stays safe.

It comes with an easy-to-install, self-powered magnetic lock. It has wifi capabilities allowing you to control it remotely through any web browser on any device (desktop computer, laptop tablet).

The best part? You don’t have to worry about batteries!

It also includes a variety of accessories, including door sensors for alerts when someone opens the door without authorization; strobe lights for brightening up dark areas as well as panic buttons which can be used in case there’s an emergency such as a break-in, etc.; With the Smart Lock’s patented Auto-Lock and Auto Unlock, you can let yourself in or out of your home without even touching a key.

The lock senses when you are leaving locks behind you automatically as it detects your smartphone getting further away from the door.

When arriving home with just one touch on, an app notification will unlock again for easy access to all that is important inside!

This low-maintenance device also integrates seamlessly into other smart solutions like Alexa voice control and IFTTT, making them accessible right through HomeKit too!

With IP65 dust protection and weatherproofing, Yale Security built this durable unit to withstand any heatwave OR cold front coming its way, so installing becomes more accessible than ever before.

 Why We Like It:

  • Black Colour with Satin Nickel
  • Zinc Material
  • Auto Lock and Unlock


5. Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is equipped with the latest fingerprint technology, unlocking your door within milliseconds.

You can open it using Bluetooth or through an app on a remote device such as a smartphone with access to a wifi Bridge support.

It also protects homes from intruders when homeowners are out of town by automatically locking while they’re gone and sensing motion offsite up to 100 feet away.

The lock’s weatherproof design ensures its durability no matter where you put this smart lock–whether inside or outside. Eufy is a brand of home goods that has recently begun selling security systems in the US.

Eufy’s line-up includes an indoor camera, which retails for $40; a sensor pad with motion and vibration detection capabilities and sells for only $25; two different locks (a keypad lock or biometric) retail at $30 each.; door sensors cost just under ten dollars apiece.

All these products are sold on their website and Amazon Prime, where they can be easily purchased online without ever leaving your house.

Eufy security cameras are designed to help you see what matters most.

Capture every detail with a full-color, wide-angle lens and record at 1080p HD resolution.

The powerful infrared sensor captures images up to 65 ft away in total darkness and stills during the day for vivid color reproduction without motion blur or distortion from low light conditions (perfect when your little ones sleep).

With built-in wifi connectivity, this home monitoring system lets you watch real-time footage on the go from anywhere in town, so there’s never any guesswork about who is coming into their room while they’re sleeping.

 Why We Like It:

  • Fingerprint Identification
  • 4 Ways to Unlock
  • Automatic Locking


6. Smart Lock SMONET Bluetooth

SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Lock- SMONET Smart Lock can recognize your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds and unlock your door 1 second.

It’s faster than fumbling for keys or digging through a heavy purse!

The lock is wifi enabled, so you’ll be able to remotely control it from anywhere with the free app (wifi Gateway Sold Separately).

If that wasn’t enough of an upgrade for your home security needs, then maybe take a look at our newest release: SMONET Bluetooth keypad locks, which bring more protection and give us all a chance to live smarter, having five different ways of unlocking our doors.

Sign-in APP of Bluetooth Locks for Front Door. You could check the records about unlocking and the wrong passcode on your phone

. Code Door Lock allows customizable timed codes and one-time or permanent ones.

The high-quality lock is made with an intuitive OLED display that looks great at all angles!

It also has a zinc alloy body that lasts longer than other materials because it doesn’t rust or corrode easily like steel does when exposed to moisture over time.

This means less battery life spent trying to get through every incorrect Code someone enters into their iPhone.

 Why We Like It:

  • Smart Bluetooth Keypad Lock
  • Safer High, Quality & Solid


7. Smart Deadbolt, SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

SMONET Smart Lock is a fantastic way to bring your home into the future. It has a quick recognition time of just 0.5 seconds, and it can unlock 1 second after that!

The SMONET lock will not only keep you safe but also make life easier with five ways to open your door: Keypad, Fingerprint scanner, wifi connectivity or remotely control (wifi gateway sold separately), Bluetooth key card reader which supports IC cards as well as mechanical keys, and finally through their iOS app where you’ll get notifications when someone tries to enter without permission.

Code Door Lock is a Bluetooth-enabled device that installs quickly and easily.

The Code unlocks the door with just one push of your phone button, perfect for quick in-and-out access visits to family or friends (or you can have it auto-lock after 30 seconds).

This system offers timed locks for more permanent installations such as vacation homes or rental properties, so you never forget when guests are coming over.

This Bluetooth code unlocker from Code DoorLock eliminates the need for keys, making life easy for residents and visitors alike by allowing them instant 24/7 entry without worrying about losing anything.

It’s also RFID activated, so if someone takes out their cellphone, they will be automatically granted entrance into your home – no key needed.

The SMONET Brand is a silver metal keypad lock with 6.54 x 2.56 x 1.57 inches, made from zinc material. It includes an alarm system that sends you an alert if your package has been compromised during shipping to protect against theft or loss when in transit, including USPS Tracking for protecting international shipments as well.

 Why We Like It:

  • Keyless Entry Door Lock
  • Customize Management
  • Customer Service Warranty


8. Safely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Have you ever had to work with a tenant, homeowner, or Airbnb guest, and they have lost their keys?

It’s frustrating. Life is already hard enough without having the added stress of being locked out of your home because someone couldn’t remember where they left their key while renting it for just two weeks!

With Safely Keyless Entry Door Lock, all those worries disappear as soon as you install one in minutes following our short installation video on YouTube.

No drills needed – even if there are locksmiths like myself who live nearby, so we can come over right away – since no drilling needs to be done at all!

All doors will be reversible, whether owner-right-handed door handles that could go either way (opening from inside knob side or outside handle side.

Imagine not having to worry about your house’s safety anymore.

You can go on vacation, and you know that when you return, everything will be just the way it was before! The lock is easy to install with a Phillips screwdriver in minutes without any drills or locksmiths needed.

This door handle works for both left-handed doors as well as right-handed ones, so anybody who needs one should feel relief knowing this product may work for them too.

With Safely wwifif Gateway (optional add-on), now there are even more features available such as locking/unlocking remotely from anywhere anytime, setting up codes quickly, and checking real-time access logs whenever necessary!

There aren’t hidden charges at all, nor does the company charge on a long-term basis.

Your new home needs a way to keep your valuables safe and secure, but you don’t have the space for an entire security system.

Maybe what it needs is this sleek key-safe designed by Brand Safely in satin nickel finish with material zinc that will blend seamlessly into any décor because of its small size at only 7 x 3 x 1.12 inches long.

You’ll never forget where you put your keys again when they’re right next to all those other important things like family photos or birthday cards thanks not just from their discrete design being barely noticeable on any shelf or table surface without even needing screws, nails, magnets – anything extra getting in the way – but also due to how easy and convenient they are.

 Why We Like It:

  • Remote Control
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Multiple Ways To Unlock


9. Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Door Locks

Smart door lock supports multiple ways to unlock. App Control+Keypad+IC card + Mechanical key: Create up to 150 custom and permanent passcodes for family, friends, or guests you trusted with this smart lock!

With no need for your guest waiting outside from the cold- grant them access without having their hands freeze by allowing a customized time as well.

Generate temporary codes too if it’s an emergency case of when they’re here; dog walker?

Housekeeper? The employee who needs some extra help at home while away on vacation?!

Huzzah for our deadbolt locks that can be added onto any existing traditional/modern standard doors to make life more accessible than ever before.

This smart door lock is an easy-to-use, convenient way to upgrade your home. With no professional installer required and installation in less than 20 minutes with a screwdriver & drill following the instructions, this device will make you feel safe inside at all times!

The auto-locking function ensures that any unwanted guests are kept out for up to 60 seconds after entrance before automatically reverting into a regular mode. Hence, there’s never a point where someone can sneak past without being noticed or locked away from getting back in when they need it most.

Plus, receive notifications of activity on your locks and view event history through our app – don’t forget about privacy protection like Lockout Mode, which blocks entry by passcode but still accepts IC card access as well as mechanical.

The Brand PENMAMA silver pen is made of zinc and has a finish type of satin.

It measures 2.56 x 6.18 x 1.58 inches, which makes it great for people on the go who like to write in different places!

The perfect gift for your best friend or mother figure–the brand new Penmama Satin Silver Pens are here!

Made from high-quality materials such as zinc with a smooth matte finish, these pens can be taken anywhere you need them without worrying about any dents or scratches that may occur during transport because they’re so durable!

Not only do the convenient size measurements make this pen an excellent choice no matter where life takes you but also its sleek design will have all those

 Why We Like It:

  • Voice Control & Remote Control
  • Smart security
  • Lock with keypad


10. Smart Lock, Aegislink Fingerprint Entry Door Lock

Smart Lock, Aegislink Fingerprint Entry Door Lock: A fast and convenient way to get inside your home!

Just scan the fingerprint of whoever is at the door with this biometric smart lock.

With wifi connection or Bluetooth app control, you can easily unlock various doors in any situation – no more fumbling for keys when running late or coming back from work; it’s all just so easy now.

The versatile features and security options offer great flexibility for families who have multiple locks on their homes.

Are you tired of always having to remember to lock your door?

Now, with this Bluetooth smart deadbolt from the leading home security company in America, all you need is a smartphone or watch! With an IP65 rating and built-in weather protection that can withstand temperatures -22°F/-30°C up to 122°F/50 °C as well as inclement conditions such as rain, it’s perfect for any room.

All data like fingerprints and passwords are stored inside (instead of being uploaded onto the cloud), ensuring safety when keeping personal information, which makes life easier at night and during unexpected power outages.

Tired of carrying your keys around every time you go out? With the AEGISLINK keyless lock, all it takes is a quick scan of your fingerprint or tap on the screen and voilà! Your door unlocks.

The app lets you assign specific fingerprints for different people if they want to enter without unlocking while others are home. And if someone who isn’t supposed to enters, no worries – this lock notifies them with an alert designed just for that situation, so everyone stays safe at night.

 Why We Like It:

  • 4 Access Options
  • Auto-Lock Function
  • Durable & Secure


Buying Guide For Best Smart Locks For Front Door

Make sure that it is genuinely the best smart lock for the front door of your home!

Security is a crucial factor when it comes to installing a smart lock for your front door and with many manufacturers out there, choosing the best among them can be a challenge.

However, with the inclusion of several features, such as an advanced keyless entry mechanism and other attributes that you are looking for in a smart lock, it should not be hard to find one.

1. Check out the compatibility

Make sure the Brand of your smart lock is compatible with all kinds of home door locks; otherwise, you might end up buying a smart lock that you cannot use.

2. The cost

Price plays a vital role in purchasing something, especially if you are going for the best smart lock for front doors.

However, don’t entirely rely on the price factor only; make sure that the product meets your requirements and expectations in terms of quality.

3. Installation

Smart locks are usually easy to install because there is no need for drilling or hammering.

However, some smart locks might require professional assistance, so you should check out your package before buying, and feel free to contact the manufacturer if needed!

4. Guarantee

Ensure that this smart lock comes with a guarantee in case something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with it.


Q. What is a Smart Lock?

A “smart lock” locking mechanism uses electronics to replace mechanical keys.

It can be either motorized (motor) or mechanical/electric hybrid.

In most cases, it allows you to enter your home with just the touch of a button on an app on your phone. Notable Best Smart Locks: August, Kev

Q. Types of smart locks?

There are three main smart locks: Z-wave, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

However, most home security apps in the United States currently support only ZigBee or BlueTooth.

The best way to understand the differences between these two protocols is by comparing a lock that uses Zig.

Q. Benefits of installing a smart lock on your front door?

Seamless user experience, and a cool-looking door handle, there’s no reason not to install one!

However, the main benefit of a smart lock is reducing your risk of being locked out when you need to leave quickly.

Your ability to enter and exit your own home will always be in your hands (literally) with an electronic keypad.

Q. Smart Locks for Front Doors?

Sitting at my desk at the newspaper, I looked out to my front porch.

My eyes fixed on a smart lock that had just been installed instead of our regular deadbolt lock.

The new device was part of a project funded by a community grant and aimed specifically at improving security within the neighborhood.

Q. How to choose the best smart lock for your front door?

There are so many choices out there!

The short answer is to use a smart lock.

If you still need convincing, understanding the benefits of a traditional deadbolt versus a smart lock will make it easier to decide which one might suit you better.


The service industry is changing rapidly, and tech companies are at the forefront of innovation.

However, adoption is slow due to high costs, compatibility issues, and burdensome installation processes.

For smart home technology to reach its full potential, there must be a more seamless integration of devices. The technology must be both affordable and accessible for consumers to use.

As smart home technology advances, it is my personal opinion that security concerns are being resolved safely and at a reasonable cost.

Security, in general, is on the rise, with companies taking extra steps to ensure customer happiness and safety.

This article will tell you some of the advantages of having a smart lock in your home or office.

You can also consider these locks for commercial purposes like hotels, offices, and restaurants, where security is essential. The smart lock for the front door is one of the most convenient security solutions on the market.

It combines both style and performance to ensure that you can create a professional-looking home security solution without spending too much money on it.

Since this product comes with multiple bells and whistles, such as the domestic shipper, auto-unlock, and compatibility with Apple HomeKit, you are sure that this investment will make your home as secure as possible.

Overall, choosing a smart lock for the front door is recommended if you want the best from a product. Yes, it will cost more than most competitors, but don’t forget that you are getting what you pay for.

You will never regret investing in this device, and it is undoubtedly a product that will last for years to come.

We have researched and found that these top 10 accessible electronic locks are the best ones (among many others) that can help you open doors without keys.

It would help if you bought them as soon as possible. Smart locks are the future of locking systems and will become more popular shortly.

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