Best Routers For Ring Doorbells | Reviews + Guide

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 11:30 am

Ring doorbells are the latest trend in home security. They’re a great way to keep track of your home and family. You may already know that you need a router to use WiFi on your doorbells and other devices. But which router is the best? you have no idea where to start.

Not all are created equal, some are made with cheap components that break easily, and some can be difficult to install. You don’t want to end up with one that’s not working or one that looks ugly, do you?

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best routers for ring doorbells. We’ll look at what to consider when shopping for a router, and we’ll also tell you what to look for when it comes to installation.

Do we need a router to ring the doorbell?

Yes, the Ring Doorbell connects to your WiFi router via an ethernet cable. The Ring Doorbell is designed to work with any home router. The Ring app will walk you through the setup process so you can quickly connect it to your home WiFi network.

The most preferred method of connecting doorbells is via routers, but it is not the only option. Some doorbells used hotspot technology that allowed them to connect directly to a cellular network while some models can also be connected via Bluetooth.

Best Routers For Ring Doorbell – Our Top Picks!

You might be looking for the best router for doorbells, there are a lot of different options available in the market. Some are expensive and require a monthly subscription, while others are affordable and offer great features.

Therefore we’ve gone and researched routers available for you to select from, and rounded them up into our top 5 picks. You’ll find it easier to choose, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

1. Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi router

Our Review:

The Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi router is one of the best indoor Wi-Fi routers that offer a convenient wireless solution for your home. It is also known as the Ring Doorbell WiFi router.

This router provides powerful coverage for up to 5 devices using one SSID and allows you to connect multiple devices to your Wi-Fi network without having to worry about dead spots.

This router comes with TrueMesh technology which will provide you with high-speed and reliable wireless signals, all on a single system. So you may use the router to access your internet and connect other devices to your home network.

It is designed to be a simple plug-and-play device, there is an easy-to-use app that makes it a breeze to install and manage your home network. In addition to the fact that it comes with two auto-detecting Ethernet ports, that allow you to connect to your modem and any other device – like an Ethernet switch, printer, and additional eero devices.

The eero Pro comes with a base station that needs to be placed on the countertop. However, it can also be mounted on the wall with the included bracket. It is very easy to set up and provides excellent coverage throughout your home.

After testing it, we explored that when you connect this router to your Ring doorbell, it will detect the device and connect to it via an ethernet cable. Then, you’ll be able to control your doorbell through the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.

In this way, you can turn on and off the doorbell, receive notifications, or use the camera to take a photo or video of your guests. It also allows you to manage your home network remotely. Moreover, this router uses Alexa to allow you to control it with your voice.

Overall, this is an outstanding router for those who are looking for something simple and efficient which gives a wide area of signal coverage. We recommend you consider this one for your sweet home.

  • Easily manageable
  • Speediest WiFi
  • Worth the money
  • Simple and smart
  • Offers internet speed, not in Giga


2. Google WiFi router

Our Review:

Google router is an excellent device to help you enjoy a secure WiFi connection anywhere in your house. This simple tool has the ability to connect this to your Ring doorbell and other devices seamlessly without any issues.

You can make your home safe as you know that all your devices are connected to the right network. This is a great tool for parents as you can set up the router to limit internet access for children.

It works with the doorbell in a very simple way. You just need to download the app on your phone, follow the instructions and it will connect the device to the WiFi network. It takes less than 5 minutes to get this router up and running.

This Router uses the latest dual-band technology to ensure a reliable connection. Three times faster upload speed can keep your data flowing smoothly with its high transfer speed. So, you can be assured of an uninterrupted connection.

Up to 1500 square feet of space can be covered by this router, and its range can be extended by up to 45%, and a flexible mesh WiFi system that blankets your home in reliable coverage and keeps buffering at bay.

With its powerful performance, you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection in your home. This router is also energy efficient and has a lifetime warranty that covers defects in manufacturing and materials.

It has a single Ethernet port to plug in your device and the included adapters to connect everything. This is a very smart and efficient way to contact the homeowner whenever he or she isn’t around. It is completely portable and can be used anywhere you like.

Further, it allows users to access the house remotely by using a mobile phone or computer. It has a very simple setup and once it’s installed, it automatically turns on when there’s an incoming call on the doorbell and connects to the caller’s phone number.

Nevertheless, we found that it is a very nice device for people who want to monitor their home security while they are away. So if you want to stay connected while you’re on vacation, you might consider this.

  • Sustainably designed
  • Easy to set up
  • Less Pricey
  • Works efficiently
  • Only one port


3. Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh WiFi 6 router

Our Review:

The Amazon eero router is another great option for those who want to add a smart doorbell system that provides you with an easy way to get rid of unwanted visitors at your home. So you don’t have to worry about your home security anymore, because the eero router will do it for you.

This is an easy-to-install device that can cover up to 1,500 square feet of your home or office. That means it can be installed anywhere you want, including the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom but for the doorbell, it’s recommended that you install it in the garage.

It has a powerful signal that can deliver up to 900 Mbps speed which is mindblowing for your doorbell system. With this speed, you may connect 75 other devices simultaneously on this router with more WiFi and more connectivity options.

Moreover, this works well with Alexa, which makes it even easier to control the doorbell system. This is a smart device, which is easy to use and it comes with an easy-to-use interface.

Two Ethernet ports enable you to set up your router and ring doorbells within minutes and enjoy a fast internet connection anywhere in your home. It will bring you a stable internet connection and you can control your home from anywhere with the eero app.

We observed that its Automatic updates offer the latest innovations in Eero Wireless while also keeping your network safe and secure. So you may not have to worry about your security as this will ensure that your network is protected from the threats of malware and viruses.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good solution for your smart doorbell system, then the Amazon eero WiFi router is an awesome choice for you.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful signal strength
  • Affordable
  • None


4. Ring Chime Pro 

Our Review:

The Ring Chime Pro is a perfect replacement for your Ring doorbell and offers many benefits. It can be used with a traditional doorbell, and it can also be used as a WiFi extender for your Ring doorbell.

It has an LED light in front of it that can be turned on to alert your visitors to their presence even after they’ve left their house or office. It can also be used as a nightlight for your kids, pets, or any other object in your space.

Up to 2000 square feet of coverage, This will boost the network for all your Ring doorbells and cameras. You may experience coverage if you have a large home or a lot of doors, you can get a perfect fit for your doorbell needs.

It can be used to notify your visitors through the sound of chimes. With its sleek design and modern appearance, it makes a nice addition to your home. Also, this device is easily set up by plugging it into a standard outlet and connecting to WiFi.

With the Ring app, you can customize chime tones, adjust the volume, and temporarily snooze alerts. Hence, you can set it up to automatically turn on whenever you step outside your house.

The best part we liked about this device is that it’s the most affordable option for a wireless doorbell extender. It is less pricey, and it comes with all the features of a top-of-the-line device.

Finally,  this is a very affordable and reliable doorbell system that won’t disappoint you. It will give your home a classy yet modern look and will help you to keep an eye on your home while you’re at work or in your office.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-install device, then the Ring Chime Pro is the perfect option for you.

  • Easy to install
  • Reliable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Nice look
  • Okay, but not worthy of the title “Pro”


5. Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender –  All In One Solution 

Our Review:

The Ring Chime Pro WiFi Extender is a neat little device that boosts your WiFi signal when you’re using it to monitor your home or office doorbell. It works by connecting to your home router and increasing your signal strength.

This device can be set up in just a few minutes. Simply plug this into any standard power outlet, link it to all your Ring devices, and you’re good to go. You’ll never have to worry about your devices going offline, and you’ll always know when you have a visitor.

With the help of this WiFi extender, you can easily expand your home’s network and make it reach every room in your house. For a matchless Ring experience, it works with an unlimited number of Ring Doorbells, Stick Up Cams, and Chimes.

We found that this Chime pro comes with multiple alert tones, these tones are very helpful for those who want to know who’s at the door without having to get up. It strengthens the Ring of Security around your home by creating a more reliable network, so you’ll always have dependable home security at your fingertips.

You will notice that your home WiFi gets stronger as well as that your doorbell works perfectly once you use this device. You’ll also be able to hear the doorbell from afar. Every Ring owner needs this device.

All in all, these are some of the best wireless doorbells plus WiFi extenders for your home or business and it’s a very affordable alternative to other expensive wireless doorbells. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy an enhanced Ring experience.

  • Easy plug and play
  • Provide security
  • Powerful signal strength
  • Great features
  • Only Extender not Router


Best Routers For Ring Doorbell – Buying Guide

When choosing a router for Ring Doorbell, you should consider a few things. It will be the backbone of your entire Ring experience. These are:

Router Range

When looking for the best ring doorbell router for your home, it’s important to consider the range of features that you’ll need. 

If you have a large home, you may want a range that’s capable of covering a larger area. If you have a small home, you may not need a range that’s as extensive, and you may even want one that’s compact. The ideal range is up to 2000 sq.


Price is always a big factor when buying a home security product. You want to find a model that will fit your budget, but you also want one that has the features you need. Try out to choose one which has less price but innovative features.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is another thing that many doorbell models include, and it can be one of the important features for home security.

Most of the top-rated doorbell models will include the ability to detect motion and send a notification to your smartphone. The doorbell’s motion detection feature can work independently or with a camera, so you’ll be able to monitor and track activity from anywhere.

Router Speed

Most routers will have a speed rating on them. The faster the speed, the faster the data will travel through the router, so the doorbell signal will travel more quickly. If your doorbell is set to a slow speed, you’ll have to wait longer for the notification to be sent. 

Number of Ports

It is important to look at the number of ports it has, and if it has a single port or multiple ports. A lot of routers are made to be used with your computer, it will give you an easier time connecting your devices. You should also look for a router that has at least four ports. It will help you connect your Ring Doorbell to your WiFi network.


We’ve covered and shared more of our knowledge with you and provided you with the 5 best ring doorbell routers that are available on the market. We have also given some tips and tricks on how to install and use them in your home.

All products mentioned above are the best in their category. However, it is important to keep in mind that you have to find a product that fits your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a reliable home security solution that’s both easy to use and affordable, we strongly recommend that you consider the Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi router.

Do you have any questions about these products? We know it’s hard to make the decision, but please, choose wisely. If you have any queries, feel free to ask.


How far can my Ring Doorbell be from my router?

The Ring Doorbell is entirely dependent on your router’s signal. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to boost the signal from the Ring Doorbell, but you can make sure that your router is set up in a place that gets the best signal.

What can I do to improve Ring Doorbell’s WiFi?

It could be that the WiFi is in a place where it’s not capable of reaching your Ring Doorbell. It could also be that your router isn’t providing enough internet to your property. It could also be that the WiFi signal is being blocked by something like an obstruction or a wall.

How much bandwidth does Ring Doorbell consume?

Ring Doorbell consumes a surprisingly small amount of bandwidth, as it only streams video when the Ring app is open. Ring Doorbell uses 802.11n wireless technology and your home router to communicate with your smartphone. This means that you need to have an 802.11n router in order to use Ring Doorbell.

What is the difference between a router and an extender?

The main difference between a router and an extender is that a router creates a secured wireless connection, while an extender does not. An extender simply rebroadcasts the wireless connection of your router, it gives strength to signals.