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Last updated on November 3rd, 2022 at 10:05 am

4G LTE Security Cameras is a top-of-the-line security camera that offers a variety of features to keep your home or business safe. With 4G LTE connectivity, this camera can be placed almost anywhere without the need for a landline or Wi-Fi connection.

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The Best Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Camera also comes with a built-in siren and motion sensor, so you can be sure that any potential intruders will be caught on camera and reported to the authorities immediately.

Why Do People Want 4G Security Cameras?

The main reason people want a 4g LTE security camera is safety. It can be a bit of a hassle to have a security system with cameras wired into the electrical system in your home or business. This hassle does not exist with cellular security cameras as they are not wired.

If there was a power outage, these sorts of wired cameras would not work, which can leave you vulnerable if someone tries to break into the building while the power is off. 4G LTE security cameras never lose connection because they use cellular data and not Wi-Fi to transmit everything. This is one of the main advantages of cellular security cameras.

We have provided a selection of different models 4G cellular security cameras here; we feel confident we will provide you with one that fits your budget and needs! So, let’s get started!

Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras – Our 10 Top Picks!

We have researched you; here are our top 10 picks for wireless security cameras. Be sure to consider your budget when purchasing a wireless surveillance system.

Do you want a more expensive camera, or maybe a less expensive one? The choice is up to you!

1. Exodus Render 4G LTE Wi-Fi Security Camera

This is an easy-to-use camera that comes at a super affordable price. It very features rich, and it has free cloud storage, which can come in handy if you need it for your business or home security purposes.

We tested this camera for over a week, which was more than enough time. We found that it’s straightforward to use, the installation is a breeze, and the app is very clear.

It’s also not very difficult to configure this camera for remote viewing on our mobile phones. In addition, its video stream quality is excellent – we experienced no lags or delays whatsoever.

It is weatherproof, so it can take a bit of rain and wind without letting the elements harm it.

Many cellular security cameras charge for downloading photos or videos, but this camera does not – you can log in from anywhere and download as many images as you want. You can save videos on an SD card (up to 64 GB), and the camera comes with a free 16GB SD card right away.

We were very impressed by this camera, and we think that if you’re looking for a top-performing video surveillance camera, then you should give Exodus Render 4G LTE Wi-Fi Security Camera a try.

Exodus Render is a wireless trail camera that allows you to see who’s on your property with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It takes the traditional trail camera and adds cellular communication for fast image transmission when triggered by movement or sound.

  • Easy to use Free Video/Pic Download option very affordable price lots of useful features. 5 Year Warranty
  • No Two-way talk features

Our Verdict:

We recommend this camera because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and does everything you would expect a top-quality surveillance camera to do.


2. CREATIVE XP 2021 LTE Security Camera

This is one of the most inexpensive trail cellular security cameras on the market, but it does its job remarkably well. We liked that there’s a free Android app that you can download, which helps you configure the camera, change its settings and monitor what’s going on at all times.

It’s straightforward to set up, and all you need is a screwdriver to attach the camera to the tree or another surface. It comes with a USB charging cable and a 32 GB micro-SD card, so you can start using it right out of the box.

We were surprised to find out how fast this camera is – it takes 0.4 seconds to take a photo or start recording a video. The quality of the images and videos is very, very good.

We also liked that you can choose to mount the camera on a tree or a tripod and plug it in. It’s a very versatile camera, and it does its job remarkably well for such an inexpensive security camera.

It captures nicely still images of animals at night, so it can be perfect for hunting too, it’s easy to set up, and you can mount it on any surface. The image quality is impressive under any lighting conditions.

You can also set it up with a solar panel to be always on and charging, so it will work for months even if you forget to bring the camera in.

It has a broad 110° view (the Angle lens), which is more than enough for any outdoor security camera. It also comes with night vision up to 65 ft. It is also waterproof and dustproof to work in any weather.

  • Long battery life water-resistant and weatherproof very fast trigger speed high image quality free app
  • No Two-way talk features The solar system has to be purchased separately

Our Verdict:

If you’re looking for a security camera that can capture great images and record crisp videos, this is the one to get.

We would recommend this camera to anyone who wants a reliable security camera that doesn’t cost too much.


3. Reolink Best Solar Camera System

Reolink Go PT is one of the best wireless security cameras on the market right now. It has everything you need to get started with your new home or business security system without having to pay extra for ancillary equipment like batteries and power supplies.

This cellular security camera is designed to be easy to use and monitor your home or business premises without any fuss.

The Reolink Go is a solar-powered, 100% wire-free security camera that you can use anywhere around your property without the hassle of connecting to the router.

It’s so easy to set up – just install the Reolink app on your device, scan the QR Code inside the box, and follow the instructions to finish the setup. With 180° horizontal rotation and 15 feet high/32 feet maximum effective range, it allows you to see what’s going on around your house anytime day or night.

This security camera also comes with a built-in PIR motion sensor which we tested to be pretty accurate and responsive. We faced no difficulties using this camera even though we live in a densely wooded area with many trees that often block the signal.

This cellular security camera features an ultra-wide 100-degree viewing angle, which is way more than other cameras in this price range.

It also has a night vision feature. It provides up to 32 feet of clear visibility at night using six low-powered infrared LEDs that let you see up to 20 feet in pitch-black darkness. And for better security, the Reolink Go PT automatically snaps a photo when it detects motion.

The new energy-saving technology is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can last 4-6 months on a single charge. We charged the battery with a solar panel that comes with the box, and it’s working great after two months.

We liked that this camera comes with a 2-way talk feature. You can use this camera to communicate with your kids, pets, or anyone else you want to check up on at home when you’re away.

This model is super easy to install, and it works without glitches. It can rotate up to 355° horizontally and tilt 140° vertically. So you can mount it on a wall or a ceiling to capture all the action.

  • It is easy to install and use. Solar Powered The videos are very clear, The motion detector works great, and it never drops the connection. It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • The is the only US version

Our Verdict:

This is a great product that you can use to secure your home, business, or anywhere else. We are delighted with this camera, and we think you will be too.


4. Vosker Best 4G LTE Security Camera System

This cellular security camera is the perfect all-in-one security system for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their loved ones. Cam is easy to install, and once you create an account and add the camera to it, it will automatically connect to your phone.

It includes an app that we found to be straightforward. There’s also a web version, which you can use on your desktop or laptop.

The Vosker app lets you monitor all aspects of your home or office space. It also has all the features you would expect from a modern security camera, like motion sensors and alerts. You can set it up to record your home if there’s a robbery, and you can even receive alerts if it detects unusual activity.

It records video in full HD for both day and night vision. It has six motion sensors, which you can configure to send push notifications when they get triggered. The camera will also send you pictures when it detects motion.

It also features the AI recognition technology that allows for 360-degree sound detection and movement alert features. And the built-in solar panel lets you power up your security camera completely wire-free.

We tested this camera and found it very responsive and easy to configure. It is IP65-rated, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof. It also has an outdoor enclosure so that you can protect your device from the elements for better security.

It uses GPS Geotag tracking for more accurate location information. You can easily track an object or a person on the map to see where they are going. We tested this feature, and it works great.

  • Durable Easy to install, easy to use. 4G LTE connectivity The night vision is good. Very good image quality.
  • It works with a selected amount of Sims Expensive

Our Verdict:

We think this is an excellent camera if you want to check up on your home or office while you’re away. It is a modern security system with many features that you will find helpful. We had a great time testing it, and we had no problems installing it.


5. SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Cellular Trail Camera

We were impressed with this security camera because it’s straightforward to configure and use. It also has a simple activation process.

The setup is straightforward, and you can set it up in 5 minutes. It also has a steel security case which makes it durable, and it can also resist rain. Additionally, it comes with a lithium-ion battery.

We were not as impressed with the battery life. This security camera only works for two months after it has been activated, and this is very poor compared to most security cameras in the market.

The SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Cellular Trail Camera takes all of the features that made other trail cameras a success and packs it into a miniature gem. Packed into a small package, this camera can take a picture in as little as .5 seconds.

With the included long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you can clock up to 8000 images between charging. Take advantage of high-speed data transfer rates with SPYPOINT’s free app, which allows you to geotag images, adjust settings, and view your photos, all on the fly!

The video quality is very impressive in terms of sharpness and color, and it can also record in 1080P resolution. You can playback the videos on your smartphone, PC, or any other device with internet access.

However, it needs a micro-SD card because the internal storage is very small, and you can only record four days of videos.

It includes movement detection sensors that are very effective in capturing sudden movement. It has an 80 feet detection range, and it also has an 80 feet flash range which is more than enough for a camera of this price range.

It also has a battery life indicator which comes very handy because you’ll know when to recharge the camera. We tested its LTE cellular network support, and it worked perfectly without any interruptions.

It provides many good features at an affordable price. This security camera is one of the best security cameras for under $200.

  • Affordable price Simple activation process Steel security case Battery life indicator Long detection range
  • Battery life could be improved

Our Verdict:

Many trail cameras on the market require complicated activation systems and subscriptions, but not the new Link-Micro-LTE trail camera. With its free, easy sign-up for one month of 100 photos and its 2-year warranty, you can take advantage of this high-quality trail camera.

We recommend this security camera to anyone planning to install a surveillance system for their home or business.


6. Arlo Go – Mobile HD Security Camera 

The Arlo Go is the first wire-free, 100% wireless security camera that works anywhere with any iOS or Android device.

The Arlo Go camera is entirely wireless, delivering 1080p HD live streaming video directly to your mobile device or tablet. It doesn’t need a base station and can be placed anywhere in or around your home. Simply sync the Arlo Go camera with your mobile device, and you’re good to go.

The Arlo Go cellular security camera has a powerful battery that delivers up to 1,000 photos on a single charge.

The Arlo Go cellular security camera has a microSD card slot that supports up to 128 GB of storage for storing videos and photos. What’s more, the Arlo Go comes with complimentary cloud storage.

The Arlo Go app is easy to use, allowing you to receive real-time push notifications when motion or sound is detected. In addition, the Arlo Go app allows you to control how much storage space is dedicated to your cloud recordings.

We love that it works with Alexa, so you can make your smart home even smarter. Moreover, we tested its night vision capabilities, and the images it captures are surprisingly clear and vivid.

Our favorite part about the Arlo Go camera is that you also get two-way audio, so you can listen and talk back to whoever is near your property. This feature is excellent when you want to scare off a potential intruder.

The Arlo Go is weatherproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from -4° to 113° Fahrenheit. With this, you can place the Arlo Go outside on your porch or front yard without worrying about it getting damaged by the elements.

It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so you can place it on any device you want. Furthermore, the Arlo Go comes with a 1-year hardware warranty and a 7-day battery life. However, please be advised that the video storage and sync with the mobile device are not included in the warranty.

If you want to monitor your garage, backyard, living room, or any other part of your property, the Arlo Go is a great security camera to get. The only downside? You’ll need to purchase your own SIM card or subscribe to a data plan.

  • 100% wireless design LTE connectivity Weatherproof Vivid night vision Two-way audio Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Needs its own data plan or SIM card Expensive monthly subscription

Our Verdict:

The Arlo Go is a great security camera to have if you want to monitor specific parts of your property, such as the backyard. In addition, we like that it’s weatherproof and works with both iOS and Android devices.


7. VOSKER V150 – LTE Cellular Security Camera Detector

If you want the benefits of security cameras but don’t want to be responsible for video recording, then the VOSKER V150 is perfect for you.

You can use it to detect motion or receive photos of intruders on your mobile phone through SMS, Email, or the VOSKER App. Since it has no video recording features, you won’t need to pay for a subscription.

We like that the VOSKER V150 is solar-powered, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power during the day. This security camera also has a long-life rechargeable battery that delivers up to 2 months of power before needing a recharge.

As for the solar panel can generate enough energy to power the camera for up to 2 months in cloudy weather. However, the solar panel only works when the device is placed outside during the day.

This weather-resistant camera is IP65-certified, which makes it weatherproof. With this, you can place the camera outside without worrying about rain or humidity damaging the camera.

Installation is also a breeze with this security camera, thanks to its preactivated SIM card and easy plug-and-play setup.

Another thing we like about the VOSKER V150 is its wide-angle lens which can detect motion up to 90 feet away and capture photos at a wide-angle (43.6 degrees). With this, you can capture high-quality images of an intruder.

You also have a tripod mount which you can use to mount the camera on a wall or any flat surface.

It is a very portable security camera and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Solar-powered Long battery life Easy to set up and use Long motion detection range Night Vision
  • No video recording function

Our Verdict:

The VOSKER V150 is perfect for people who want alarm photos sent to their mobile phones. It does not record videos which we think is a downside since it is a security camera.

This camera works well for people who want to monitor their doorstep, garden, driveway, and so on. If you are looking for a simple security camera that sends photos of intruders to your mobile phone, then this security camera is a good option.



The Link-Micro is small enough to go unnoticed but loaded with features. This camera provides a unique blend of convenience and performance that lets you take the guesswork out of scouting.

The Link-Micro 10MP Game Camera brings together leading-edge hunting camera technology, combining a micro-SD card slot to store images and video clips directly to an inserted memory card with an integrated cellular modem, allowing the image files captured to be transmitted instantaneously over a mobile network to a secured cloud storage account.

Using a free SPYPOINT account, you can remotely access all of your camera’s stored images from anywhere in the world where there is cellular service.

The cellular modem in this game camera takes less than 20 seconds to connect when the camera is powered on. Still, it does take about 20 seconds longer to establish a connection when the camera is powering up.

The Link-Micro and Link-Micro + models offer luxurious features (Clear and crisp photos, 0.5-second trigger speed, 80-foot flash range).

Both cellular security cameras share a compact design, with an adjustable mounting strap, camera shake correction software for maximum image stabilization, and a powerful 10-megapixel sensor.

The Link-Micro + also features a custom lithium-ion battery that provides the most extended available run-time of any premium cellular game camera on the market, allowing you to scout for weeks at a time without battery replacement.

Weighing just over seven ounces without the battery, this remote-activated cellular game camera has a compact size that easily fits into your pocket or backpack.

It is one of the best Best 4g Security Cameras you can ever get in this price range. It is a perfect security camera for people who want a stationary security camera to take high-quality photos of intruders.

  • Cellular modem Weatherproof (IP66) Wide detection angle (80 feet) SD card slot Motion detection
  • No Video recording

Our Verdict:

The SPYPOINT Link-Micro 10MP Game Camera with the built-in cellular modem is the ideal solution for hunters and nature photographers who want to remotely and instantly access high-resolution images of their trophy animals or scenic vistas – anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the ability to wirelessly transfer images from your camera by text or email, you can also check on your cellular security cameras in real-time using your existing smartphone or tablet.


9. REOLINK Go+ Solar-Powered Cellular Security Camera

This security camera provides a unique blend of convenience and performance. It records 1080P HD video to memory card or live streams to Reolink’s app.

The Reolink Go+ outdoor wireless security camera is loaded with features usually found on higher-priced models.

This is one of our favorite 4G Security Camera Systems because it’s a compact, easy to install, and ready-to-use security camera that has all the features you need.

The camera provides amazing night vision, which is better than most security cameras with a built-in IR.

The Reolink Go+ has a 7800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery built-in so you can capture video day and night without worrying about a power cord. Moreover, it’s powered by a solar panel to charge the battery for cord-free operation.

The camera has 2-way audio, which allows you to talk to your kids, answer the door or scare off a potential burglar.

It has a 110-degree wide field of vision which provides an excellent view of the area you’re monitoring.

We used this camera in our backyard to monitor movement out of town. We can easily say it’s one of the best outdoor security cameras for the money.

The camera provides excellent video and audio quality during the day, and at night we were pleasantly surprised by how well it recorded. The night vision lights up to an impressive 20 feet in total darkness.

You can store video clips in the cloud or on a memory card. Both free options are included in the purchase price of the camera. And finally, it’s pet-friendly because there’s a custom PIR motion sensor for pet immunity.

  • PIR Motion Sensor Rechargeable Battery (7800mAh) Two-way Audio 1080p Night Vision 110° wide field of vision
  • Expensive

Our Verdict:

If you need a simple, easy-to-use, and effective security camera, this is the one we recommend.


10. Vyze-Link PT3 – Outdoor Cellular Security Camera

The Vyze-Link outdoor security camera is a challenging and comprehensive outdoor security camera. It features a unique design with a remote pan and tilt function so you can control the camera from your phone.

This outdoor security camera has a high-quality sensor to record 1080p HD video. It also has night vision up to 32 feet making it one of the best outdoor security cameras for the money.

It has a streamlined design, making it easy to install on walls or ceilings. You can also mount it to a tree or post if you need it outside.

This security camera also has several advanced features such as motion-activated recording and PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection. We tested the motion-activated recording feature, and it worked just as advertised. Moreover, if you need extra security, you can also connect up to 8 Vyze-Link cellular security cameras in the same system.

You might be asking yourself if you can install this camera yourself without any professional help. According to the manufacturer, it’s pretty easy to install and set up.

The camera also comes with a data SIM card that does not require a monthly contract. We were also impressed that you can mount it outdoors in any weather conditions because it has an IP65 waterproof rating.

This Security Camera is another excellent device by Vyze-Link, and if you are serious about home security, this might be the right camera for you.

  • Able to do motion-activated recording IP65 weatherproof. The high-quality camera and 4G LTE connection. Easy installation with no monthly fees. 2 power options (Solar and Battery)
  • Does NOT support 7×24 recording

Our Verdict:

Vyze-Link PT3 is a perfect outdoor security camera that will give you peace of mind when away from home.

We recommend this outdoor security camera to homeowners who need a dependable surveillance solution at an affordable price.


Buying Guide For Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras

Nowadays, a growing number of people are using cellular security cameras to protect their homes only because they are pretty easy to install and you don’t need to run cables all over the house.

Cellular security cameras are also more convenient because they can store recorded videos in the cloud or on a memory card.

They use 4G LTE technology to send alarms, videos, and photos to you when there’s a threat. With a few exceptions, 4G LTE service is available in most countries worldwide.

However, not all cellular security cameras are the same. You need to look for specific features that can help you make an informed choice.

Here are some of the essential features to consider when buying a 4G LTE security camera.

1. Resolution

The most common resolution for a cellular surveillance camera is 720P and 1080P, but you can also find some compatible with 4K.

2. Night vision

Night vision is another essential factor in choosing the right security camera, and most 4G LTE cellular security cameras have night vision.

Night vision range can vary from 8 feet to 32 feet depending on the technology used in the camera and the number of infrared LEDs.

3. Storage options

Another point you need to keep in mind is storage options. You can store recorded videos in the cloud or on a memory card.

You might need to buy a memory card because some cellular security cameras don’t come with one.

4. Alerts

You might also want to get alerts when the camera detects movement near your home or office. These alerts can also be sent by email or to your phone.

5. Power options

You should also look for options that allow you to power your camera using solar power or batteries, so you don’t need to install power cables.

6. IP rating

You need to find out if the 4G LTE security camera has an IP rating of 65 which means it can survive in extreme weather conditions. An IP rating of 65 means that the camera can work in temperatures ranging from -22º F to 140º F.


As we mentioned above, there are some excellent 4G LTE security cameras on the market.

The camera you choose will largely depend on your budget and requirements. These devices are also straightforward to install because you don’t need to run cables all over the house.

It is essential for everyone who cares about their family’s safety to install a cellular security camera. We have tested and reviewed some of the best 4g security cameras, and we hope this guide will help you find the right one for your needs.

If you want our recommendation, we highly recommend the Arlo Go security camera because it is loaded with features you would expect in a high-end camera. However, if Arlo is not your choice, our second pick is CREATIVE XP 2021. This is the best budget 4G LTE security camera.

We always recommend that our readers conduct their research and read as many reviews as possible before purchasing.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions, then please contact us.


Q. How do 4G LTE security cameras work?

LTE security cameras have a built-in 4G modem that allows users to quickly and securely connect their device to the cellular network. Users can view live video, playback recorded events, and configure device settings remotely.

Q. Are LTE security cameras more secure than 2G/3G?

Yes, LTE provides more advanced encryption standards than 2G/3G at the network level. This is an upgraded cellular camera.

Q. Are Solar security cameras compatible with LTE?

Yes, Solar LTE security cameras are fully compatible with LTE network providers worldwide. We have listed compatible cameras above.

Q. Can I use my LTE security camera outside?

Yes, LTE security cameras are water and vandal-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can use this cellular camera in all seasons.

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