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Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

If you’re looking for a wireless outdoor security system that can capture high-resolution video and audio while capturing still images, then battery operated security camera with a memory card would be your best option.

As most of us can’t afford to use the wired camera security system.

Also, wired cameras are inconvenient because it requires wires which you will have to run across your house or office to connect the camera with the recorder.

And when it comes to security cameras, batteries and memory storage are the main part of the security camera setup.

Since you wouldn’t like to use wired security cameras, prefer to install wireless ones instead, and extra batteries will help you stay connected and keep recording all day and night long uninterrupted.

The outdoor wireless security camera with a memory card is one of the most cutting-edge tools on the market.

This article features information on some of these home surveillance systems that have a microSD card slot and require no traditional power cord.

In a Hurry to Find The Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras With a Memory Card? Here are our Top Suggestions:

Comparison Table for Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras With a Memory Card:

Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras Special Feature More Info.
ZOSI C1 Wireless Battery Security Camera Truly Wire-Free with rechargeable battery Check Price
Wireless Pan Tilt Dome Surveillance Camera Panorama WiFi IP camera with dual audio Check Price
Tonton Portable LCD Security Camera System Smart PIR Activated Floodlight Check Price
Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar Energy & Power Supply Check Price
Portable WLAN Compact Surveillance Small Security Camera Motion detection and loop recording Check Price
ZOSI 2pack WiFi Security Camera Wireless, Audio recording Check Price
Wyze Cam v3 Outdoor Video Camera 24/7 Continuous Recording Check Price

Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras With a Memory Card – Top 7 Reviews!

Here we have selected some of the best battery-operated outdoor security cameras with memory cards for you.

They are top-rated wireless cameras in which can be easily installed outside your home or office to protect your families and offices.

1. ZOSI C1 Wireless Battery Security Camera

The versatile ZOSI C1 wireless battery security camera provides you with an easy way to view the footage that your cameras are capturing, whether it’s on your smartphone or tablet.

You can quickly log into each camera through their free mobile app and have access to a live feed, playback video recordings, take pictures, and more.

ZOSI C1 Wireless Camera is truly wireless, with a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t have to deal with cords.

This means the camera can be placed anywhere without the need for an outlet or expensive installation.

All that’s needed is to place it on a flat surface indoors or outdoors, plug in the built-in magnetic base security mount, and you’re ready to go. It is also very easy to install with the included mounting screws.

It has a built-in mic and speaker so it can both be used as an audio intercom when needed, and when motion is detected the built-in 110 dB siren will sound to scare off any intruders in the area.

It also has a smart human detection sensor that can tell when someone is in the area you want to be protected and when it does, recording mode will automatically activate, starting with 30 seconds of video before the motion was detected.

This security camera system offers wireless connectivity, with the ability to connect to your home network for live viewing over the internet.

It has a 32 GB microSD card that can be used for recording and playback, even if the router capabilities are not in use.

The PIR (passive infra-red) sensor allows you to see in the dark with the 22 high-power infrared LEDs.

It also has a built-in spotlight for when you need more illumination and easy-to-use remote control for when you want to manually turn it on or off.

Also, it has an IP66 weatherproof rating which means it will work just fine when exposed to rain or snow, making it perfect for outdoor placement.

The only thing you have to worry about is covering up the solar panel when it’s not in sunlight, but the included plug-in power supply makes this easy to do.

  • PIR sensor and spotlight for night vision and close-up illumination.
  • Can be used as an intercom when motion is detected.
  • Trigger recording when motion is detected and send push notifications to your phone.
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Truly wireless with rechargeable battery
  • Does not come with a backup battery to prevent losing footage when the power goes out


2. Wireless Pan Tilt Dome Surveillance Camera

The wireless security camera is a simple surveillance device that can be placed anywhere in your home to monitor the area around it. The camera has a built-in microSD card slot.

This camera is capable of providing you with a wide view of any room or area, whether it’s indoors or outside.

It has 355-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical rotation for getting the perfect angle and can be used as an intercom when motion is detected so you’ll know if someone is at the door, wherever you are.

If the motion is further away or you want to see more detail, there’s a zoom function that allows you to get closer and is easy to use with just one click.

It is wireless with a built-in rechargeable battery. There are two power options, one is to connect it directly to the mains power for constant use, and the other it’s to use the solar panel which will fully charge this camera in just one day.

Moreover, this 720P security camera features a 2-Way Audio function, so if someone’s at the door you can talk to them or just simply scare them away by using the siren.

This home security camera has plenty of features including support for 128 GB microSD cards (for up to seven days continuous video), Intelligent color night vision, push reminder, 24 hours standby modes, intelligent motion detection, etc.

It’s super simple to set up and has flexible control methods which mean the camera can be accessed from any device with an internet browser or Android/iOS phone.

Another good feature is the push reminder when the camera detects motion. This means you can get a notification on your phone or tablet, even if it’s not connected to the network.

Motion detection will trigger recording and send a push notification to your registered device so you don’t have to constantly monitor the camera feed.

The recorded video files can be saved on your microSD card or inside the cloud if you want to save storage space on your device.

The microphone built into this security camera is of high quality, so when someone speaks they’ll sound clear and perfect for when you need to communicate with people in another room or outside the house.

As well as all this, there are many more features that make this home security camera the perfect device for your needs.

  • It’s easy to set up and many control methods give you great flexibility.
  • Pan tilt camera with 355° horizontal / 90° vertical rotation range
  • Built-in microphone allows you to communicate using 2-way audio
  • Motion detection with push notifications to your mobile device
  • Supports 128 GB microSD cards
  • No battery level indicator


3. Tonton Portable LCD Security Camera System

The Tonton portable LCD Security Camera is a great starting point in the world of DIY security cameras.

You can add up to four different cameras, each with its access point so you’ll have total coverage when outside your property.

You can view live video from wherever you are in the world – it even works when you’re out of the country and controls everything from your mobile device.

You can set up this home security system in just a few minutes and then monitor and record your property 24/7, all viewed through the touch of a button on the Tonton monitor.

The picture quality is great with many features such as motion-activated recording, two-way audio communication, siren alarm, and floodlights.

In addition to all this, there is a microSD card slot and remote control, so you’ll always be in control of your property.

Its NVR is very simple to install, just plug it into your router and connect the included cables between your cameras and power supply.

There’s even a built-in Wi-Fi so you can easily view what’s going on from anywhere. As it’s a Plug and Play system you’ll be up and running in minutes.

This security camera comes with a free, preinstalled 32 GB microSD card and is very easy to set up.

This camera can reduce 90% false alarms thanks to the Smart PIR Activated Floodlight and Spotlight with a 360-degree rotation range.

This camera has a 7-Inches IPS Touchscreen Monitor. This will be perfect for viewing everything that’s going on in your property, both inside the home and outside the property.

At night, you can see everything in your garden with total clarity thanks to the infrared LED Array.

Its stylish compact design and easy-to-use features make it a great buy for anyone who wants to feel more secure.

Another advantage is that no monthly fees are required, so you’ll only pay when you need to.

  • An HD camera system that offers a crisp, detailed picture
  • The monitor is a good size and the picture quality
  • This is a very easy to set up, plug and play system
  • Smart PIR activated floodlight & siren alarm, reducing false alarms
  • Preinstalled 32GB SD card
  • Check-square-o Live video from anywhere in the world
  • No rechargeable battery – this unit needs to be plugged into the mains at all times


4. Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless

The Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless is a great addition to any home or business. This Surveillance Home camera provides high-quality video monitoring at night and in daylight, thanks to its built-in infrared light.

This wireless home security camera system is simple and easy to install yourself. The included 64G SD card will give you plenty of storage space and excellent night vision.

These surveillance home cameras are perfect for anyone who wants to combat crime, especially those living alone or working from home.

In addition to this, you can see what’s going on from anywhere in the world using your tablet or phone thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi.

This solar power outdoor security camera is perfect for anyone looking to improve the security in their home or business, with its high-quality video monitoring and motion detection recording.

With built-in infrared light, it will be ideal for nighttime surveillance of your home and property. A potential danger like a dog, an intruder, or fire will be automatically recorded with the automatic recording feature (loop video).

This security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker system so you can use it for two-way audio conversations.

It also comes with remote control, so you can keep track of everything that goes on around your home while you are away.

It is perfect for recording potential dangers that may be happening around your home. As soon as there are any motions in front of this security camera, it will start recording and send alerts to your phone or email.

Another good feature is that this security camera system has support for two-way conversations and motion detection alerts.

Overall, it is a good system that delivers high-quality video, night vision, and motion detection recording.

  • High-quality image and video
  • Built-in infrared light for recording in the dark
  • Motion and sound alerts
  • Two-way communication and remote control
  • Supports 64GB SD card
  • Check-square-o Highly sensitive sensors for better image quality
  • It May take a few minutes for the first connection to take effect


5. Portable WLAN Compact Surveillance Small Security Camera

The Portable WLAN Compact Surveillance Small Security Camera is a good surveillance camera.

It allows you to capture every detail of what´s going on in your home, business, or property without anyone knowing they are being recorded thanks to its no-glow infrared technology.

This security camera has 6 invisible infrared lights and a wide-angle lens so you can record every detail.

On top of this, it is really easy to set up and will have your surveillance camera system up and running within minutes.

Once you set up this security camera system, it will automatically overwrite the oldest videos with new ones when its memory card gets full.

This means that even if someone manages to delete your security camera videos, then they will only be deleting the ones that were made before you connected to this device.

While capturing every detail in its 150-degree viewing angle – it is more than enough for any surveillance needs.

The video is saved separately every 5 minutes, which is useful if you wish to go back in time and find out what was going on at the precise moment of an incident.

The Mini Video Surveillance Camera is a great product that offers high-definition video recording with no-glow infrared technology for nighttime surveillance.

This security camera also has two-way communication so you can talk to your family, pets, or employees even when you are not there.

Another good thing about this surveillance camera is that it has a loop video recording function.

The motion detection recording feature can be really useful but sometimes you will not want this to happen, which is why it has the loop video recording function.

Moreover, with Latest Cooling Technology you don´t have to worry about the camera overheating in summer or freezing in winter, which could damage it and affect how well it works.

  • 150° wide-angle for full coverage of indoor and outdoor areas
  • Extremely sensitive sensors for better picture quality
  • Motion-activated recording and alerts
  • No-glow infrared technology for nighttime surveillance
  • Loop video recording
  • With 570mAh Battery, no need to worry about the shortage of power supply
  • The instructions can be a bit confusing at first


6. ZOSI 2pack WiFi Security Camera

The ZOSI WiFi Security Camera is an advanced security camera with 2-way audio, night vision, and smart details like smart AI human detection.

This surveillance camera has a C190 H.265+ Dual chipset, which means that it can produce high-definition.

With H.265 technology, the video files are smaller which means it will take up less space on your SD card or cloud storage plan.

Its motion detection is really smart and can distinguish between humans and animals. It has customizable advanced motion detection – so even if there is a small bug, you will not be notified.

Also, with the free app, you can remotely access all of your security camera feeds. You just need to scan the QR code which will provide you with an instant connection.

The Built-in 12pcs brilliant white lights will make sure that the camera has a great picture quality even when it is dark outside.

With its IP67 waterproof rating, you do not have to worry about the occasional rainfall or water splashes from pools or lakes.

This Security Camera is that it has motion-activated recording, smart AI human detection, and a built-in alarm.

Also, it has 2-way audio so you can talk to your family, pets, or employees even when you are not there.

Another good thing about this surveillance camera is that it has double the data compression ratio so you can be sure that you will not miss out on any important details and It has SD card storage.

Also, with high-efficiency video compression, you can be sure that your videos are reliable and high in quality. Hence, if you want these advanced features, this is the security camera for you.

  • Due to its 12pcs brilliant white lights, it has a great picture quality even when it is dark
  • Smart AI human detection feature
  • Adjustable advanced motion detection with customizable zone masking
  • With a free App for Remote Access to view
  • H.265 video compression – allows for more storage space on your SD card
  • Two way audio with remote access via phone or PC
  • It May is not be for you if you have a very slow internet connection


7. Wyze Cam v3 Outdoor Video Camera

The Wyze Outdoor Video Camera has an upgraded design and features a Starlight Sensor so it can record nighttime videos up to 25x darker.

The f1.6 aperture is a huge upgrade from the previous version, which captures 2x more light for vivid color video. This security camera has color night vision and is perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

It has motion and sound detection so you can be sure that it will send an alert whenever there are any unusual activities detected.

Also, with the two-way audio feature, you will be able to talk to your family or employees even if you are not home.

This security camera is that you can use with Amazon Alexa (Echo Show/Fire TV/Fire Tablets) to view your live video feed, talk and listen through the camera speakers with Wyze Skill for Alexa (Amazon Echo device not included).

Also, it has a 24/7 Continuous recording feature which will store up to 6 months of footage in the cloud. Plus you can make use of its local storage by inserting an SD card (up to 128 GB).

Moreover, this security camera has the Intelligent Alert feature which will send you an alert whenever it recognizes familiar faces or barking dogs. Its Starlight Sensor can record up to 25x darker videos than the previous version.

The Color night vision video of this security camera gives you a clear picture so you can see in the dark. This security camera is perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

This security camera is that it has an IFTTT channel so you can use the Wyze Cam app to create recipes with other smart devices, apps, and web services.

Another good thing about this security camera is that it has a motion and sound detection feature so you can be sure that it will send an alert whenever there are any unusual activities detected.

Overall, it has advanced motion and sound detection that will send you an alert whenever there are any unusual activities detected.

  • The Starlight Sensor helps the Camera to record nighttime videos up to 25x darker
  • Vivid color video with Starlight Sensor for nighttime recordings
  • Upgraded design and features including f1.6 aperture which captures 2x more light
  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant & IFTTT (not included) for viewing on Echo Show/Fire
  • 2-way audio (talk and listen)
  • You might need a micro USB converter if you want to power it with non-Wyze Power Adapter


How to Choose the Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Camera with Memory Card?

Choosing a battery-powered outdoor security camera is an important task. Here are some important factors that you must pay attention to when choosing a battery security camera:

1. Recording Capacity

A good security camera must have an internal memory card slot. So that you can use it to store footage even if the power goes out or there is a cut in the power supply.

It should also be capable of recording long videos which are more likely to capture an intruder’s action.

2. Field of View

Security cameras come with a wide field of view that ranges between 100 to 180 degrees. A wide field of view will give you more coverage allowing you to capture footage from the corners too.

3. Resolution

While choosing a security camera, make sure that it can record crisp HD videos in low light conditions too. It should be capable of recording videos at a frame rate of at least 20fps.

4. Night Vision

Your security camera must have the capability to record clear videos in low-light conditions too, which is often referred to as night vision.

It should have a minimum illumination of 0 Lux/F1.2 for color and 0 Lux/F1.6 for black and white.

5. Lens

The lens is very important for a security camera. A wide-angle lens will provide you with better coverage of footage in a smaller area.

So the right choice of lens will allow you to capture even the smallest details of an intruder’s face or any other part of his body that comes into the range of the lens.

6. Mounting

Choosing a security camera with easy mounting support will give you more freedom in positioning and installing it.

Your wireless security camera should be capable of daisy-chaining so that you can add other cameras and view all the footage in one place. It should also have an option to mount it on a tripod.

7. Motion Detection

To enhance the security of your home, your camera should have motion detection capabilities to allow you to receive real-time alerts when there’s an intruder in the area covered by the camera.

It will also help you save space on your memory card and provide you with hours of recorded footage.

8. Battery life of Camera

A good security camera must have a backup option of batteries so that you can record footage even if the power goes out or there is a cut in the power supply.

The battery should be capable of recording continuously for at least 4-6 hours.

How do I Set Up My Battery-Powered Outdoor Security Camera?

To set up your battery-powered weatherproof security camera, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Choose a spot where you want to install your camera and place the mounting bracket there with the screwdriver provided in the package.

Mark the outline of the holes on the wall using a pencil or marker pen. Drill holes at these marks and use screws to fix your camera tightly in place.

Ensure that it can rotate freely otherwise it will not be able to capture footage.

Step 2

Using the screws provided in your package, fix the stand of your security camera at a suitable height from where it can get an unobstructed view.

After that, insert the camera into its mount and tighten the screw until its arm is firmly attached to its base.

Step 3

Now that your camera is securely installed, plug it into the power outlet to keep it charged.

If you think this may be an insecure option for you to consider buying a battery-operated security camera for extra support.

Step 4

After charging your camera, unplug the AC adapter and connect the wire of the camera to its power supply.

Make sure that your camera is turned off and then plug it into the power outlet. Turn it on and your camera will take a few seconds to boot up completely.

Step 5

To set up your security camera, install the mobile app on your phone. Sign up for an account or log in to view footage from your camera at any place with Internet access.

Final Thoughts!

With the rapid increase in the crime rate, you need to invest in a good security camera. So if outdoor lighting and high-end surveillance are your priority, then investing in a battery-powered digital video recorder will be a prudent idea.

The above-discussed options are some of the best choices which you will find online that fit your budget and needs.

Choosing one of these will enhance the security of your home, allowing you to monitor it while traveling or even while you are away.

Additionally, if combined with a wireless alarm system, this camera will act as an early detection system for intruders who try to access your property without permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the batteries of my security camera?

It is very easy. All you have to do is hold down a button on your battery-powered outdoor security camera and slide out the old batteries. Put in new replacement batteries and slide it back in again.

Will a wireless security camera work without a memory card?

A good security camera must have an internal memory card slot. So that you can use it to store footage even if the power goes out or there is a cut in the power supply.

Do security cameras have memory cards?

Yes, most security cameras come with memory card slots where you can insert an SD card to store the footage recorded by your camera.

Can I set my security camera to record continuously?

It depends on your camera’s battery capacity and the storage capacity of its memory card. You can adjust the settings of your wireless security camera to record continuously or only when it detects motion in its field of view.

How long do the batteries last in wireless security cameras?

The battery life of a good security camera is at least 2-3 years. You can choose to charge it with an AC adapter most of the time and only keep the batteries in when you are expecting an intruder.

Can I view videos recorded by my security camera on my smartphone?

Yes, most wireless IP cameras come with an app where you can easily connect to the home network and view live footage or play them back later using the video playback feature.

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