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Last updated on July 23rd, 2023 at 04:38 am

Amazon’s Alexa has been getting a lot of attention recently. It’s not hard to see why! It’s transforming how we use our devices and can put a song in our heads with just one prompt. But what are some excellent playlists you should start with? We’ve compiled a list of the best Alexa playlists for all occasions.

Listening to music is something everyone loves to do, whether you’re cooking dinner or working out. But sometimes, finding the right playlist can be difficult. To make your life easier and help you find some new favorite songs, here we will provide the 30 best playlists for Alexa!

The specialists at Amazon Music have produced many playlists, yet most listeners are unaware of this. Here you’ll find a compilation of the finest Alexa playlists, complete with the Alexa command and an up-to-date song list. Additionally, we have sorted them into different categories so that you may find the perfect playlist for every occasion.

However, please be aware that a paid Amazon Music subscription is needed to access most of these playlists. Alexa will play a station from the playlist or another free playlist only if you have Amazon Music Free.

Top 30 Best Alexa PlayLists

1. Acoustic Covers

There are one hundred acoustic versions of some of the most well-known songs ever included in this playlist. Just great for kicking back on a Sunday afternoon. Sweet Child O’ Mine, Fast Car, What a Wonderful World, Crazy in Love, and many more standards will be covered in this masterclass.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play acoustic covers.

2. All Hits UK

This playlist features some of the most popular songs in the United Kingdom. Artists like Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele, and more can be counted on to appear, as can some older chart hits. Say “Alexa, play all hits” to hear the most popular songs from around the world instead of those from the UK.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play all hits UK” /  “Alexa, play official chart songs.

3. Throwback R&B Hits

Who doesn’t enjoy some throwback R&B from the ’90s? This Alexa playlist features 25 chart-topping songs that are both timeless and current, making them perfect for reminiscing or starting a dance party. They’re all packed up here, from Craig David and Missy Elliott to Destiny’s Child and the rest of the R&B greats.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play throwback R&B hits.

4. Friday Night Bangers

This playlist features 125 of the greatest dance songs of all time, making it ideal for a grooving start to the weekend. If you plan on having a few beers before heading out on a funky Saturday night, this playlist is perfect for you. This catalog is often updated to include cutting-edge electronic artists like Jaxx Jones, David Guetta, l.F. System, and many more. There are a few oldies but goodies to get the crowd going.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play Friday night bangers.

5. 80’s Summer

This uplifting Amazon Music collection features around four hours of great classics from the 1980s, from Stevie Wonder to Madona, and is excellent for summer-long karaoke drives with the household.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play 80’s Summer.

6. Disney Hits

Disney’s greatest hits, both old and new. With over seventy family-friendly film tracks, everyone may find their favorite, from The Incredibles to The Lion King. You’ll likely find yourself belting out familiar tunes like Hakuna Matata,” “Have a Little Faith in Me,” “Under the Sea,” and many more.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play Disney hits.

7. Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Downtempo hip-hop and its offshoots, like chill-hop and lo-fi, have mesmerizing sounds and minimal lyrical content. Listening to this music while reading, writing, or focusing on work or rest is excellent.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play lo-fi hip hop.

8. Morning Cup of Coffee

You’ll be glad you found these morning anthems. A wide range of artists, from Elton John to Bob Marley, are represented in this playlist. Start your day off positively by playing this music on your Amazon Echo device.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play morning cup of coffee.

9. Acoustic Chill

More than fifty of the finest original and cover acoustic tracks, plus a few exclusive to Amazon Music, are collected here. Artists like James Bay, Sam Fischer, and Shawn Mendes fill out this modern Acoustic playlist. This collection only has original music, unlike the Acoustic Covers playlist mentioned earlier.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play acoustic chill.

10. Indie Right Now

Modern indie music from various musicians like Foals, Bastille, Sam Fender, and more will be available in this brilliant Alexa Playlist. Listen to these songs and soothing tunes, and you’ll hum instantly.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play indie right now.

11. Film Scores for Study

Movie music is a great way to focus on your ultimate goals. Try to identify the films that these musical cues came from. Among the many classics available are Top Gun, Harry Potter, The Star Wars Franchise, Fast & Furious, and multiple others.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play film scores for study.

12. 90’s House Party

Do you still listen to these top singles from the ’90s? Likewise, your guests will have a great time at your event. More retro dance music can be found in the 80’s house party and 00’s house party playlists, which can be accessed by saying, “Alexa, play eighties house party” and “Alexa, play naughties house party,” respectively.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play a nineties house party.

13. 100 Greatest Summer Songs

Alexa users, you’re in luck: the summer anthems playlist features songs from the 1960s up to the 2010s. The Beach Boys are a must-have for every summer soundtrack, and Will Smith, The Beatles, Bill Withers, and others are among our favorites from this compilation.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play 100 greatest summer songs.

14. Workout Pulse

The Workout Pulse playlist contains upbeat songs that prepare you for your next run, bike ride, or physical activity. You can become the next Craig David, Shakira, or Ella Henderson in the sporting world in no time at all.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play workout pulse.

15. Fresh Dance

This playlist features the newest music from musicians worldwide, including the United Kingdom, including everything from electronic dance music (EDM) by Martin Garrix to deep house by Christoph. Every week on Friday, this playlist is refreshed and updated with new tracks.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play the fresh dance.

16. 80’s Love Songs

This is by far the best 80s playlist ever. This 30-song playlist features famous artists, including Duran Duran, Tina Turner, and Lionel Richie. No matter your emotional state, if you ask Alexa to play this playlist, you will feel better immediately.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play 80’s love songs.

17. Drum & Bass Now

Somebody stop us if you’ve heard that drum and bass are over. The playlist is comprised entirely of songs from the neglected style. Artists like Sigma, Friction, DJ Fresh, and more will be considered part of this list.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play drum & bass now.

18. Crossfit Workout

Hits spanning multiple genres that are sure to get your blood pumping when you’re switching up your training routine.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play CrossFit workout.

19. Platino

This Alexa Playlist features some of Latin music’s latest and greatest hits. Recent Latin music tracks are featured in this brilliant collection.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play Platino.

20. 70’s Love Songs

With the help of these timeless love songs from the 1970s, you’ll find yourself falling in love repeatedly. These classic music tracks can help you rediscover the feeling of falling in love. Let these symphonies assist in rediscovering your romantic side to the fullest.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play the seventies love songs.

21. Rap Rotation

A new place for hip-hop music that is played frequently. This is the new playlist to hear your favorite hip-hop songs on repeat at any time of the day.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play rap rotation.

22. Country Heat

Superb music from some of the most popular country artists is available here—exciting new songs from the country’s trendy bands. The hottest stars also provide some scorching tracks that will relax your hectic routine.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play country heat.

23. Best of Northern Soul

The music popular in Northern England in the late 1960s featured artists such as Gloria Jones and Dobie Gray. Among many others, artists like these dominated the charts in the late ’60s in Northern UK.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play Best of the northern soul.

24. Rock Scene

Most thrilling brand-new rock tracks of the highest quality from all corners of the globe are part of this Alexa playlist. 

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play rock scene.

25. +44

The musical style of England features the most outstanding examples in British Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Grime, Drill, and Afrobeats from the United Kingdom.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play plus four.

26. Chilled Hits

You can’t restrict yourself to a particular genre or put restrictions on yourself with this playlist. You are not confined to any one style or limited to any specific area. (No genres, corners, or limits).

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play chilled hits.

27. Piano Chill

This piano music helps calm your thoughts and emotions and provides much-needed relaxation. The mind can be hushed and soothed with the assistance of some soothing piano songs. 

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play piano chill.

28. Dream Time

Put your head on your pillow and let these soothing songs lull you to sleep. Just shut your eyes and drift off to dreamland with these calming tunes. Have a good night, fellas!

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play dream time.

29. Hypnotic and Melodic

Enjoy the floating melodies and mesmerizing house rhythms with this Alexa playlist. You will get a piece of house tracks with a hazy lyrical atmosphere, a hypnotic groove, and purely seductive rhythms.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play hypnotic and melodic.

30. Best of Classic Techno

You can see what the future will sound like by listening to some of the best techno music ever. Get ready for what’s to come by jamming to some classic techno from the ’90s and ’00s.

The command for Alexa: “Alexa, play the best of classic techno.


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Best Alexa Playlists. Whether you’re in the mood for some upbeat tunes, want to relax with some mellow music, are searching for new music to jam out to, or want to relax with some ambient sounds, we’ve got you covered.

 So sit back, relax, and enjoy these great playlists. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


What’s the best party playlist on Alexa?

Friday Night Bangers, Pop Right Now, and maybe even Disney Hits are the ideal playlists for Alexa at parties to get the entertainment going all night.

Is it possible to make your playlists with Alexa?

If you have an active subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can make your own Alexa playlists hassle-free. However, using a free account will not allow you to complete this task. Moreover, you may either construct a playlist from within the Amazon Music App or tell Alexa to “add this song to my playlist.” Both options are available.

Is Alexa capable of playing Spotify playlists?

Yes, for sure! Even though Amazon Music is a pre-installed service, you can change the default music streaming service for playlists from Amazon Music to Spotify through the Alexa App’s settings menu. After making the necessary adjustments to the default service, you can use the command “Alexa, play” to ask Alexa to play specific Spotify playlists of your choice.